SEO for Image Based Website

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SEO for Image Based Website

Video Blogs (Vlogs) and Photo-Blogs are getting popular these days. You must have noticed how Pinterest become so popular in few days. But what about the SEO of photo blogs? Well, it is very similar to the traditional SEO with slight changes that are specifically for the photo blogs.

You know very well that the text-based websites get ranked because of the keywords contained in it. So, for the image based website you follow the same tactics- try to add a little bit of text to your images. Try to include the keywords that you want to rank for in those images. Be very specific and don’t include any unnecessary keyword.

Name of the picture file- Many people tend to use the names like “picture-2” or “defaultpic” etc. You should immediately stop this and properly name your image files. The best way to do it is by using the targeted keywords in their file names.
Use relevant images- This is not compulsory but you should follow it as a good practice. Because search engines after scanning the image file will go to the alt tag and then to the text around those images. So, if you have a blog is based on technology you should not post a photo of a snake or something like that.

Image ALT tag- These are the heart of all the image blogs. Although they are important for normal sites as well but It becomes very important for the photo blogs. It describes about the images to the search engine bots. So, try to use highly optimized text containing the keyword which you want to rank for.

Image Compression- If you are using Wordpress then there is a plugin called which you can use to compress the images for your site. We all know that site speed is now becoming an important factor for ranking in the search engines. So, compressing the images will definitely help them to load faster on your site.

Try not to use too many images on your site as it will increase the time for your site to load which can result in decreased traffic. Use good cache plugins if you are using Wordpress along with CDN. This will not only improve the user experience but also help you to reduce the server load.

Use Social Media to drive traffic to your Blog. For photo blogs, Facebook and Pinterest can be great ways to drive insane traffic to your blog. Try using a watermark on your images. This will not only help you grow your brand but also help you get more traffic.


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"Try not to use too many images on your site" - well I disagree, add as many pictures in a post or piece of content as you need.
If 50 pictures are is what it will make your content 10x better than the competition, well do that, install a cache plugin if you have WordPress, make sure the picture are optimized and you are good to go.

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I don't have an image based website, however, I use images with my posts on my blogs and websites. Here are some of the things that I do to optimize my images for search engines.
Use a long tail search term or keywords, keyphrase as the image name
Use a long tail search term or keywords, keyphrase in the image description and image caption.
Use high quality images.
I have heard about image alt tag but I don't know how to do this. can anyone explain to me how to do image alt tag

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When I was blogging, there was no photo included in my first few articles. But after sometime, my co-blogger asked me to add photos. He said that photos and images enhance the blog and invigorate the readers somehow. But with vlogging, I am not comfortable since most of the blog readers I know have short attention span that after 30 seconds of watching the video, they will exit and go to the next.

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