Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

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Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

People who are new into Affiliate Marketing want to promote their products without building a website. So, I will list some of the ways which you can use to promote your affiliate products without any website. However, I do recommend you to make a website in future because these methods are not for long term income. The only way to make a long term income is through a website. But if you are just starting up or want to earn some extra cash each month then you can follow these methods listed below-

1) YouTube- YouTube is the best way to promote your affiliate products. Those having a website also use YouTube to drive their traffic to their site. If you are shy in front of the camera then don’t worry just use a simple PowerPoint presentation or a screen recorder to convey your message. Or you can buy a gig for that on SEOClerks or any other site. Video Marketing is nowadays the most effective methods of marketing as more than 25% people on the internet are spending their time to watch online videos.

2) Drive Traffic by Blog commenting or Forums- Don’t just put your affiliate links in the comment and say “hey this product is really good – your link”. Try to provide some value and make people believe that you are a normal person or else this is not going to work that great.

3) Facebook- Facebook Groups and Fan Pages can be a very good place to promote your product. If you don’t have a page try to build one for the niche you are promoting. Also, join as many groups as you can and start posting your offer. Make your post look attractive.Note- Facebook doesn’t allow you to promote affiliate links directly. So, you have to make an intermediate landing page to point them to your affiliate link.

4) Twitter- Twitter can be a great tool to promote your affiliate offers. You can find people who are interested in that niche and just send them your affiliate link. You can use the twitter advanced search to directly find the people who are searching for a particular product.

5) Use Local Classified Websites- You can use Craigslist very effectively to post ads for your affiliate product. CPA Affiliate offers are the easiest to promote on craigslist. You can promote physical products as well using Craigslist.

6) Write a viral ebook- Write a viral ebook on that niche and put your links in that. It must have good content so that it gets spread very easily across the internet.

7) Use other social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat etc. to promote your products. You can also use email marketing.

Quick Tip- Make sure to use a URL shortener like tinyurl, google url shortener etc. Because people might hesitate to click on the ugly looking affiliate links which look spammy.


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It's true what they say, you don't need a website to be able to do affiliate marketing. With social media being as popular as it is now that is one of the more popular ways to advertise your products and as you said, using url shorteners is one way to encourage people to click on your link. Facebook and Twitter I feel are the more better places to advertise your products when it comes to affiliate marketing, if you can hit the right audience you will surely see an increase in sales and with the use of hashtags now and sharing on both Twitter and Facebook it paves a way for success.

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That's a lot of information, Thank you , i have been doing this ever since i started affiliate marketing and it has paid me off really well, Social media is one tool were you can reach a lot of people with just one click so its obliviously a good idea to promote your affiliate links, but one word of suggestion here is that it would be better to get a website because the problem with social media is you must have a lot of followers or fans,only then will you be able to successfully promote your links and in case of youtube it is not easy to get your videos to the top of the search results unless you are a popular youtuber.
So its best recommended that you get a website, Srikanta30 has underlined this suggestion in his post so please think about it.

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Making a website and hosting is incredibly easy to make and afford nowadays. Therefore, I don't think marketers who are light budget-wise are forced into a situation of not having a website. Nonetheless, though, some marketers are inexperienced with the webmaster profession so they might choose to avoid a website, but as the article has stated, it won't hurt them.

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I have a couple of blogs and websites where I di affiliate marketing. I started affiliate marketing with third party websites such as hubpages and squidoo (now defunct). I earned my first affiliate sales through the product selling through hubpages. If you do not have website but want to do affiliate marketing, you can join niche content sites like hubpages. You can also use youtube to do affiliate marketing. First, create a review video and post an affiliate link. If someone likes your video, he might click on your link. You can also use social media site to promote your affiliate links. The one that I suggest is Pinterest. Pin an image of the affiliate product along with affiliate link. When someone buys from your page, you will earn comission.

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Thanks for these tips. I'm just now exploring ways to affiliate marketing because I believe this is my future. There are so many products that I see, that I think I would like to sell, but because of the finance angel, it's not always possible. I think affiliate marketing is the perfect remedy. I will be sure to note down your tips. Starting a website costs both in terms of money and time and sometimes it's not the perfect solution.

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I agree that Youtube is now a potent avenue for promoting your interest. People are using Youtube all the time particularly the younger generation who are in search of anything. For them, Youtube is like a search engine. But I would still go for social media as the most effective for promotion because of the huge number of users. And you can have a network of your own much easier than the Youtube subscribers.

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I have seen some of the youtube channels have gone banned due to using the affiliate links. So I am assuming that affiliate links in the videos is something that may not work out. I have found out that people do check the affiliate websites and also find the value out of the content. And if you can properly redirect the content to offer. That works out on the earning side. If that does for most of the pages then things would surely work out.

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