Has Pinterest Disabled YouTube embedding?

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Has Pinterest Disabled YouTube embedding?

Is it just me or is Pinterest no longer showing the image of a video when it's pinned? Usually I just paste in the URL of the video and it shows me that videos image to pin. Then when it creates the pin, you can play the video directly from the Pinterest pin. But lately it's not been doing that. So I have to upload an image to it and then edit it to change the URL to the YouTube video. But that sucks as it means the video can't be played directly from that pin!

Is it just me it's doing this for or is it for everyone? Can someone try it to see if it's working for you?

  1. Go to Pinterest
  2. Click the + icon (lower right hand corner).
  3. Select the "Save from website" option.
  4. Paste in your YouTube URL.
Does it offer you any images to pin?

Can someone else try that for me and let me know if it does or not?



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Hello there,

Thanks for asking the question.
Your question was keep appearing on FAQ.
i just though to test it for you.
Here we go the result. Yes. It is real problem for everyone.

Has Pinterest Disabled YouTube embedding?
All the best,

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Yeah it's become a real problem! There are some very strange things going on with Pinterest right now and it's making me want to contact them to see if they know about these things or not. Some of the other strange things are when sending board invites, they don't show up in the list of collaborators like they used to. And also the pins don't show marks around them when copying them which can be a pain when you are collecting the pins URLs. Oh well! Hopefully they fix it in the future!

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