Do you use autosurf to promote your site ?

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Do you use autosurf to promote your site ?

Traffic/Visitors are very important for any website. If you will not have enough visitors for your site then you will not get any benefit from your site. Without visitors our website don't have any importance to stay live in online ! Nowadays I am noticing that many peoples are using autosurf to get some extra hits to their site. But I don't think that autosurf is a good method to increase website traffic. I think its just waste of time. I have checked some autosurf system and realize that autosurf users don't visit any site manually and even they don't take a look at the webpage. They just keep the tab open and stay online. I don't think that this type of visitors are good for a website. However, what do you think about autosurf system ? Do you use this method to get hits to your site ?


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I have heard about autosurf and I personally wouldn't use them to gain extra traffic. It really does not sound like the kind of traffic I would like, the kind of traffic I am looking for is something that will show an interest in my site and actually browse the site. Having someone just use some kind of autosurf doesn't help you in the long run, it's just a temporary fix to get traffic which only lasts a short while.

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In fact, if you buy autosurf services to gain visitors to your website, mostly you will find that they are not unique visitors. That means a few visitors keep visiting your site many times within a day. Maybe your site will get 100000 autosurf visitors as the service mentioned, there may be only 500 unique hits on your website per day. The same visitors just repeatedly visit your site, which is of no use in most cases. I would call these traffic as fake traffic!

In addition, search engine will easily detect your fake traffic and downgrade your site ranking or in other means that punish your site .

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If you think Autosurf is not a good way to get traffic then it is really just a waste of time. I would still go for the SEO methods that I have learned from this site because they are tested to give your site traffic that is legitimate. Take for instance the creation of good contents that you can upload and tag with the proper keyword, it is a simple activity that can increase the search engine ranking of your site.

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