Use Tumblr For Target Niche traffic and gain followers

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Use Tumblr For Target Niche traffic and gain followers

Tumblr ?- How to gain more traffic

Tumblr is known to be one of the big social network sites and used correctly can bring traffic to your site. Sharing content is easy enough getting traffic can be tricky if you don't have niche related followers. If you do not already have an account with tumblr then create one for free. Now its all good just following anyone hoping them to follow you back but if you want to get them to visit your site and also more likely to gain traffic and shares from your posts and links then the next part is a great way how to do it.

Follow Only Target Niche Related members?

What you will need to do for this bit if you have an account with tumblr login first and then head over to google first. Then you will need to think of your niche keyword. For example "Fast cars" so I would then go on Google and type in the search box Tumblr tagged Fast cars .
Once you done this with your keyword then click on the first result which is from tumblr. When you are directed to the tumblr site Scroll down through the many posts you see and you will notice these members posting are in your niche. Look for one which as where it says below there posts NOTES .

Click on one with the most notes , then click on the word notes. You see alot of members in this section now follow them as many as you can. WHY well say for example your niche is like I said fast cars these members are liking this post because it is of there interest. So chances are if your posts will be the same niche they will follow you because your niche is in there interests. After you followed a lot of them go away from the site and later check back or come back to it in a day or 2 and check your followers. You will notice the increase of followers. Do this daily and within week or 2 you should be now well over the 1000s .

Soon as you start sharing your links you should start to see improvement of traffic.

Do hope this helps this is what I do and its really helped my gaming niche . Good luck


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Nice one Kev! I love using Tumblr, it's one of my main go-to places for when launching a new website especially as if you create a Tumblr for your site, you can usually pull in some targeted visitors using it quite quickly. But the best thing is, if you are persistent and keep at it, keep posting great things to it, interacting with other peoples posts on it and that, it can add up to a lot of traffic in the end. And then you can just keep going and keep going every day for days and weeks and months on end and just keep building up traffic from it more and more and more. It's a goldmine and a bit of a Godsend for that reason alone. Use Tumblr For Target Niche traffic and gain followers

And your guide is a great way of going about getting targeted followers and traffic to your account and website too. I think the lazy ass stoner done a video on using Tumblr a while back which was a great video for doing something like this as it talks about orphan pages and how to create high authority Tumblr pages by creating all these internal links to your profile from other peoples Tumblr posts by just liking and commenting on them etc as it shows up on those posts who liked/commented on it with a link to your profile. And if you do a lot of that, it can really add up overtime and create these very powerful internal links to your profile and that can really add up in time and when Google sees that your profile has a lot of internal links to it, it will rank it higher!

Great stuff Kev, love tips like these for social media sites like Tumblr so keep them coming bud! Use Tumblr For Target Niche traffic and gain followers



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I am not really sure about Tumblr as a way to target niche traffic previously. This post really made me realize how shallow I am. Thanks for sharing. I might implement this to promote my site in the near future.

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