Good Web host suggestions

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Good Web host suggestions

I am a newbie to this hosting.Suggest me some good web hosts who provide top quality services but at affordable cost to host WordPress website.


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Thanks for asking question in SEOclerk FAQ.

I would like to suggest you to check reviews of top companies.
whichever has the lowest negative review. Buy with them.

if you still have any question.
Reply here.

All the best,

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Hawkhost and the Amazon AWS seems to be a good option. Though Amazon AWS is only good if you are considering using the app or the other means for the data. And also the hawkhost can be good for the VPS and shared hosting. I think many people make use of such shared hosting. There are many other hosts. So I suggest avoiding EIG based hosting companies.

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I also want to buy a cheap shared hosting plan like below $2 per month, may be better in bitcoin payment.

I have found from Google that there are many like namecheap, siteground, qhoster, lifetime hosting etc.

Has anyone had any experience about them? I mainly want to monetize them to earn some passive income.

Thx very much !

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If you want a hosting that cost you less that $2 a month and an option for bitcoin payment, namecheap is the idea hosting company. The basic hosting package cost you $9.88 for the first year, which is less than $1 a month. However, next year you will have to pay little more. renewal charge is $38 per year. Namecheap also acceptes bitcoin payment. I am with namecheap and I can suggest you namecheap

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When I was still searching for a web host provider, I was looking at 3 options - JustHost, iPage, and Hostgator. I read the reviews of each host (they had pretty good reviews) and the cost (when you initially avail of a hosting service, they offer lots of discounts). I finally decided to go with JustHost. It has been more than five years since I first availed of their service and I still am pretty satisfied with them.

I first availed of their shared web host package but now have moved to the more costly dedicated hosting service because of my additional needs.

I like Justhost because their customer support is pretty good. I have contacted them several times to ask for help and they provided assistance immediately.

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I came across, found it really affordable. Does anyone has experience with this host? Do share your reviews

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