How often do you think you should be posting on Instagram?

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How often do you think you should be posting on Instagram?

A lot of people are always talking about how often they should be posting on Instagram and there's not definite answer. I'm here to give you some ideas on how often you should post in order to increase your followers, engagement, and follower retention. I've been playing around with Instagram for a while now and I think I've got a pretty good understanding on how to keep your account active when it comes to your followers loving you lol.

So let's get started

Increasing your followers
We all know that Instagram has a followers metric which basically means someone saw your profile and clicked "follow". The more followers you have, the more "popular" you are. A lot of people don't really care about the popularity because they just want click throughs to their websites in order to make money, I know I do. So to increase your followers you'll need to use tags properly and by doing that you can add it to your post. Use 10 to 15 tags just so it doesn't look so spammy compared to the people loading the entire description section with tags How often do you think you should be posting on Instagram? Add some content in the description section and be sure to optimize it for the keywords you want to target. Instagrams algorithm is only getting more advanced, so stay on top of the optimization and you'll be blessed with followers in the long run when the spammy accounts get hit How often do you think you should be posting on Instagram?

Another way to increase your followers is to go and follow them first. Now you can set up some software so that you can follow people and then unfollow the ones who don't follow you. You can also set the software to unfollow people who have followed you, but that's getting into a grey area and could easily get you banned.

The third way to gain followers is to go and like a bunch of pictures in the same niche as you. The people posting the pictures will see you liked it and possibly come to your profile and follow you. This is one of the better ways to gain followers because you're only spreading the love and not following then unfollowing after the person follows you. I'll do this manually through my phone because I want to like specific images from people who are not my competitors. I'll usually like around 100 images from 100 different people so that I get on their radar. I'll do this everyday, or try to, in order to constantly build up my following How often do you think you should be posting on Instagram?

Increase your engagement
To do this you have to be a little tricky with your wording. I've seen plenty of accounts post a sweet looking image and in the descriptions first line they will ask a basic question. A good example of this is a guy who collects rare shoes posted an image with a pair or Jordans and a pair of air force ones and in the first line of the description he asked "Do you like Jordans or Air Force Ones better?" This is pretty awesome because he's asking them a question that he doesn't have to come back and respond to lol. People will answer the question and this will increase the engagement of the image which will hopefully get it ranked in the top 12 images for the tags he added to the image description How often do you think you should be posting on Instagram?

Another way to increase your engagement is if you ask someone to post a word, one letter at a time, without getting interrupted by someone else. I'll use the Jordan vs. Air Force One example, so if this guy posted something like "Comment (Jordans) one letter at a time in the comments section without getting interrupted by another person!" he would be turning it into a game and getting people to comment for no reason. Now he just turned one comment from a person into 7 lol. The engagement would be super high and the likes would probably start rolling in.

Follower retention
Gaining followers is a difficult thing to do, but keeping them is even harder! It's innevitable that you'll lose some followers due to them just unfollowing you or them getting banned and removed from the system. This type of thing you can't control because it's up to the person following whether they want to keep following you and it's not up to them if they get banned lol.

So to increase your retention you will not want to be posting 20 images a day with 100 tags on each of them. People do use Instagram to waste time, but they don't want to see a profile posting a ridiculous amount of images that they can't keep up with. It would be similar to someone teaching you the ABC's and just hammering through them even if you ask them to slow down. It gets annoying and you could just lose followers. You'll want to post 1 to 2 times a day in order to increase retention and also increase your engagement. You'll need to post one in the morning and one in the afternoon to get the biggest bang for your buck (figure of speech) because posting 2 times at midnight won't do as much as one time at 9am and one time at 3pm. Schedule your posts for when people are going to be online and Instagram will send you some lovin! lol.

In Conclusion, be smart and try not to look too spammy when doing your posts. Instagram wants you to treat your profile the same way the search engines want you to write content. Post and write for the people and the social platform will shower you with followers and likes How often do you think you should be posting on Instagram?

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Hi razzy great discussion , I don't use instagram I use like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Stumbleupon and Reddit. I did use Instagram for a while but stopped using it. But great information which I will take note from and I might decide to go back to using Instagram as you got some good pointers there and may work when put into place.

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I am surprised at how some people can post just 3 posts a day. And they are getting some good results out of it. I am not sure how easy for them to get the likes. But it does seem like a way to control the outcome on instagram. Because this platform is not easy to make money with. It is more or less influence game in such case. It takes time to build the stuff around.

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First of all, congratulations to the topic, these tips are very valuable!

I particularly like and use Instagram to advertise my blog of culinary recipes, I find this social network very good for my niche of acting.
And I'm going to put some of these tips into practice, because I think I'm not using Instagram in the best way, my number of followers is not as high and engaged as the ones I have on Facebook, for example.

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Thumbs up! Building up a followership base on a social media platform is one of the most rewarding activities. What makes it so special is, you control what happens, you can decide to slow down or pick up pace. You can decide to change preferences and not set up a strategy and just follow the basic rules. Once you go through a number of trial and error phases, you finally can select what works for you.

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I think you should aim to have 5-20 posts on all social media accounts per day, so I would say at least 2 per day on Instagram. I would also use all the social media sites that are popular to maximize the earning potential.

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My husband has no Instagram account and he posts his selfies only on Facebook. He has about 500 followers and about the same number of friends. The reason for the small number is that he doesn’t accept new friends in order to maintain good interaction with his audience. That got me thinking when I read this thread because if he has been posting in Instagram with his novelty selfies, I’m sure he will be getting more followers than his Facebook account. And maybe, who knows, that he can be an influencer someday?

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