TrapKitchen - These guys made it with just Instagram

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TrapKitchen - These guys made it with just Instagram

Yesterday I stumbled upon a video about TrapKitchen and I have to admit it's pretty awesome. The guys at TrapKitchen sell food on Instagram to any of their followers and it's better than what you can get in restaurants, and possibly cheaper too. Two of the 3 guys were actually in rival gangs, one was a blood and the other was a crip, but they realized that fighting over colors was pointless so they joined together and became friends over time. The third could have been in a gang, but I'm not sure of that at this time. As their friendships grew, they realized that "Spank" could cook so they started to market on Instagram for anyone who was hungry. They sell their food by the plate and you can pick it up or get it delivered right to you.

Who are the people running this?
Well there are only 3 people that I know of who run TrapKitchen and those people are as follows. These are obviously alias's because I don't think anyone would name their kids this, with the exception of "Kev" lol TrapKitchen - These guys made it with just Instagram

  • "Spank" the Chef
  • "News" the Sous Chef
  • "DJ Kev" the Delivery Coordinator

Each has their own role within the service and they do a great job of keeping people fed.

This is an online marketing, web design and SEO Community. Why are you talking to me about food?
Well I'm posting this here because what these guys did was pretty genius and they may not have even know what they were doing in the beginning, but it worked out well. The chef behind all of the recipes, "Spank", has been posting his food on Instagram for years until he decided to try and sell some to his followers because his friends, "News" and "DJ Kev", recommended he at least try. He simply asked if anyone would buy it for $XX.XX a plate and he would deliver it to them if needed.

After some time they started to amass a bigger following for his area and soon had a full days worth of work to keep all three of them busy from sun up to sun down. They can only do so much during the day so the plates are limited, but they found a business model with only using Instagram in order to have full time incomes and keep themselves off of he streets. They were formerly gang members with no jobs doing illegal activities and now they are business owners feeding the community. Their marketing is simple and they have a skill, they combined these two things and now have a stable income.

One of the members of TrapKitchen actually said that he would most likely be in jail if it wasn't for them selling food to people on Instagram. Think of that for a second, he would be locked up for doing something illegal if it wasn't for Instagram and a skill TrapKitchen - These guys made it with just Instagram

Could I do something like this?
Of course you can! TrapKitchen only operates in South Central, LA so that means you can target your own neighborhood if you'd like! I wouldn't work in South Central, LA if that's your neighborhood because you'll just be trying to steal the thunder from TrapKitchen. Since this is an online marketing, SEO and Web Design marketplace you have everything at your disposal to make a chef successful in his/her area doing the same thing as TrapKitchen.

Imagine if you knew what your menu was for the next 30 days. You could start up HootSuite and schedule all of your posts for however long you want and people would be lining up to buy from you. You could do pre-sales at a cheaper price and just deliver to people on the day of their order or you could have a 1 time monthly fee and deliver to people every day! The scenarios for this are crazy and the potential is amazing TrapKitchen - These guys made it with just Instagram

If you're interested in checking out their website you can find it here:

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Ooohh they do surf and turf! TrapKitchen - These guys made it with just Instagram See that's how things happen. That's how Empire's a built! All it takes is a couple words from someone else, a small recommendation or a " hey why don't you do this.." and before you know it you're Donald Trump! LOL TrapKitchen - These guys made it with just Instagram I must stop using Trump as an example. But seriously though, thanks for sharing this, you make a very good point. And it's exactly this sort of thing that can be done by literally anyone. Anyone with a passion for good food and eating. Although I can't say the same for their website. It looks quite basic right now but chef's aren't known for their web design skills so I can let that slide lol.

Yeah I could do something like this in my area. There's been quite a lot of these sorts of companies starting up. There is Hello Fresh and some others I can't remember the name of right now that are advertising on TV more and more. You can get pre made meals delivered to you from exotic menus and the like as well as fresh stuff (organic and the like) along with recipes and cooking instructions etc. But I saw a couple holes that could be filled and taken advantage of in that industry in what they are doing. Or rather, not doing. For example, they don't reward their users/buyers for taking pictures of their completed cooked meals and sharing them on social media. Where as that would be a great way to get some free exposure and they just ain't doing that!

But more power to Spanky, News and DJ Kev. I hope they do really well with it and it would be interesting to see if anyone else follows in their footsteps so to speak and even piggy backs on their idea as that normally happens am I lying? ;)

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This is an interesting topic. Selling food using Instagram. It’s a noble idea because there are food shops here with delivery facilities that have a hard time in surviving for lack of customers. But with the Instagram, I’m sure they can get more customers in our area since Instagram is a well known social media network now. And to think that you can earn money from Instagram, it’s like hitting 2 birds with one stone. You get a sale of your food and you also get traffic to your Instagram account.

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