My Gmail account was banned, I need a Gmail Customer Support Number

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My Gmail account was banned, I need a Gmail Customer Support Number

A couple of weeks ago, I logged into my Gmail and noticed something different right away. Several new emails that I know I had not read were marked as read and some were in the spam box. Things got stranger from there, with various password reminder requests. At that, I changed my password immediately and logged out of all sessions on every computer. I think I must have picked up a keylogger or someone hacked my Gmail account. I have changed the passwords at various online websites including my bank. However, today I went to login to Gmail and could not as that account is suspended or banned. I don't know what my email account was used for, maybe spamming but I was not involved, so I don't understand why they would ban me as surely they can look and see it wasn't me spamming. I need a Gmail customer support number or someone human that I can talk to as I have tried the automated account recover system and it keeps sending me to options that don't apply. I had not lost access to my account, someone else was logging into the account! They should be able to see that, right!?


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Hi there Nacy. I am so sorry to hear about your problems with Gmail, there are so many bad people out there nowadays that do these kind of things and usually it results in us being stressed out over it all.

I have not been able to find any kind of number for Google however I have found a page where you can contact them, the selection for Gmail is there.

I hope this helps and i hope you get your problem resolved very soon.

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Hmm yeah Google are like Facebook, in that they don't have telephone numbers you can call to "speak to someone". I think if they did it would cost them millions every year in having to pay the wages for the people that manned the phones. Not to mention training and probably counselling from all those disgruntled users.

Now if your Gmail account was hacked, you could do account recovery steps. And there are steps you can take to recover a hacked account and they are as follows;

The Information To Reset Your Google Password

    • The last password that you remember.
    • The last time (month, date, and year) you were able to sign in to your Gmail account.
    • The month and year you created your Gmail account.
    • The answer to your security questions.
    • E-mail addresses of up to 5 frequently emailed contacts.
    • A name of up to 4 labels you're using.
    • The first account recovery e-mail address that you remember?
    • Name up to 4 other Google products that you were using with your Gmail account and also the approximate date (month and year) you started using them.
    • Phone numbers that you may have associated with your Google account.
    • Information about how you lost access to your Google/Gmail account.
However, as your account was banned (locked) that might not apply to you. So how to recover a Google account that has been banned (locked)? Well in short there is no real way to do that. However I have found a troubleshooter URL on the Google product forums site that might help here:-

Try that and see how you get on. Good luck and let us know!

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You can always try to mail Google from another account and explain your problem. At least this is what I'm doing every time I have a problem with their services.

Never had Gmail problems, like I never been locked outside my account. I have an SMS verification code sent every time I want to sign in or when someone else tries to get in. But I did have problems with a lot of Google my Business accounts, forgot the password to some and I had to explain Google that I'm the real owner and they'll have to give me access to some other account.

So, In theory, it is possible to deal with them, you just have to have patience and find a way to communicate, again the best way is through mail or direct online customer services (they have that, like a chat or something where you talk directly with someone from Google).

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I also find this about weird. I know that if someone tries to log into your account from another address google sends you a message on your phone telling you this. Also normally you have a recovery email where they will send you a code which you can use to recover your account. Are you sure they didn't just lock your account and all you need is to go through the procedure and unlock it. I agree that you should open another account where you can get in touch with google.

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