What will online scams be like in 100 years?

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What will online scams be like in 100 years?

Everyone has hear of online scammers taking credit card numbers from their unsuspecting victims. Today the scams are pretty low tech because a lot of them are just telemarketing companies in India and other low income countries. Some of these scammers are pretty technical because they hack into databases of large corporations and take names, emails, credit card info, addresses, etc. and use this information for their own purposes, which is scamming. I've had my credit card stolen in the past, but I don't really think that's a scammer, that's just a thief who took my wallet when I wasn't paying attention lol. Today we have a good idea of what all the major scams are and see how they are evolving, but what do you think they will be like in 100 years?

What do you think a scam would be like in 100 years?
So there has been scamming ever since we came into existence, I'm not sure if the cave men did it, but you get the idea lol. Over the last 100 years our technology has evolved a staggering amount and the scams have only gotten more elaborate. In the beginning of the tech world we had trojan horses being added to computers in order to pull information off of their victims hard drives and today we still see the same thing, but it's evolved to penetrate the more difficult protection systems. We still have call centers being raided because they have elaborate systems to call users all over the world trying to get them to say specific phrases and then record it to be used to register for various credit cards and loans but sent to the fraudsters address instead of the real persons. But what do you think will be the trickiest scam in 100 years? We don't know what kind of technology there will be so I guess you will have to use your imagination in your response lol What will online scams be like in 100 years?

What I think scams will be like in 100 years
In 100 years I think there will be mind hacks, yes... mind hacks. Right now we're getting into V.R. which is basically you sitting on your couch and going on adventures by putting on a headset. In the future I think that we might be able to have video games that incorporate a V.R. type of technology that allows you to be in first person but control everything with your mind. There is an anime like this called Sword Art Online and it's basically a V.R. type of gaming that submerges you within the game while you sleep or just lay in bed. Gaming like this has to be online so there would always be a vulnerability to people hacking in and doing what they please. And if someone were to hack into your device, they could possibly control you in game and possibly real life if there were some type of advancement in wifi technology that allows everyone to be online wherever they are (this is close to reality). Now this is a pretty advanced type of scamming because they will actually be hacking into your head and withdrawing information if they could. It's a scary thought, but if you can memorize your credit card information then this type of hack can easily retrieve this info and they could use it for whatever they want.

Will there be scamming in 100 years?
With all the security companies coming out protecting people in whatever way they can, I still think there will be scamming. Scammers evolve their techniques just as technology evolves. In fact, the scams get more elaborate when technology evolves because it gives the scammers more tools in order to retrieve information from their victims. Just like in SEO, the scammers have to adapt and evolve when something changes. We all have to change our techniques and strategies when the search engines switch up their algorithm, and we survive. Scamming will survive through the ages until it's punishment is death, which will probably never happen across the entire world.

In conclusion, the evolution of scamming is an unknown thing because we don't have time machines. It's impossible to get a grasp on what scams will be like in 100 years because in 1917 the scams were when people would stand on soap boxes selling snake oil lol and today we have hackers cracking government databases What will online scams be like in 100 years? I'd love to hear everyones thoughts on this one What will online scams be like in 100 years?

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I'm sure there were scammy cavemen too! They probably said hey, I'll give you 20 rocks for your Bison but when they handed the bag over, it was only full of 19 rocks. And they tried to say hey, well what do you expect? I haven't had an education and can hardly count. As an excuse lol.

Scammers have been around for as long as people have. For as long as that subtle serpent beguiled Eve way back in the garden of Eden. Since Cain slew Abel. That was like the first ever scam. But obviously, they never had the same infrastructure in place back then and in time, scams have evolved along with the infrastructure.

And they are getting more and more elaborate. Ever more convincing and cunning. Because it's like a constant cat and mouse chase. As their old scams get known about, people, businesses and companies wise up to these scams and put procedures in place to thwart them. Then those scammers find new loopholes and vulnerabilities and launch a new scam. Then they learn of them, and the whole thing just repeats itself over and over again.

Take car manufactures for example. They are a great example in fact because in time, car security has had to evolve to prevent cars from being broken into and stolen. First came the alarm. But that could be disabled quite easily. Then came the immobilizer but that can also be got around too with the right tools and knowledge. Now they're looking at using voice recognition, retina eye scanners, fingerprinting and even DNA analysis so that your car knows that you are the owner of it and nobody else can drive it. But again, the scammers and thieves will find a way around this and so evolves the car security even more.

And it's the same with computers too. Computer security. Firewalls and antivirus etc. They constantly have to adapt and evolve as the cyber crims release ever more sophisticated viruses on networks. There are some out there today that still haven't been found rendering all firewalls and anti viruses completely obsolete against them.

Stuxnet was a good example of that. It was one of the most sophisticated viruses ever built. Although that was more built to target industrial computer system inan American - Israeli cyberweapon to damage Iran's nuclear reactors.

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I can only imagine that scams in 100 years time will be similar to the way they are now but for different kinds of products. Products are changing all the time and with new kinds of technology coming all the time it just means newer kinds of products that people can be scammed with.

Scamming has been going on for years and years, people will scam you over something so small if they know you may not catch on easily that you are being scammed. The key to prevent scamming is to look for something that is too good to be true, sometimes there is never anything there that makes it too good to be true and that leads to so many people being scammed.

I don't see scams ever disappearing but getting worse over time with new plans to get people to believe what you have to offer. The more people work out the scam the more they will change it because it's money for them regardless of the outcome for the person who is being scammed.

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Yeah, scammers hurt not only those they are scamming, but those that aren't scammed too. Because companies have to make up for their losses by making things more expensive and that has a knock on affect for everyone. Once again, it's the minority the ruin things for the majority of people. Imagine if there was no scams, ever! No theft, no fraud. Everything would be as cheap as chips! You wouldn't have to worry and fret about someone stealing your identity and taking out credit cards in your name. The world would be a much safer and nicer place to live in. Alas! We don't live in that perfect world unfortunately. But it's a world I and many others sure would love to live in! What will online scams be like in 100 years?

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I do think scammers will be a lot worse then they are now, and I agree will be with the mind next like another derren brown lol. Those from UK will know what I mean by derren brown well I hope. Just the trick of the mind and do feel as tho there will be more mind manipulation like more and more subliminal messages . Next fraudster and con artist will be learning hypnosis I think that will be the main source of scammers "hypnosis" in the future. Putting someone under hypnosis then asking for there card , there pin even there mothers maiden name . The world is getting a bad place as we know it.

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I think we will still be around in 100 years but humankind will have some big differences compared with nowadays.
I believe the rich will evolve into a new species, maybe they're cure all the diseases or combine themselves with the machines and turn into a totally different entity.

Normal humans will go own but around better technology, no everyone will benefit from all the advancements, we will still have poor people, thieves and yes, scammers.
Not sure the internet will still exist in this current form for anyone, but I there will always be people out there wanting to take advantage of the system to gain money.

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To be honest, 100 years is such a pretty long time to predict something that involves technology. For all we know the internet will not be wired anymore and that the system of networking will be different from what have now. With that development the virus will be a thing of the past and scamming, although more sophisticated, will be blocked by the strong firewall just like having a receptionist to check on the visitors to the site.

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