10 Things to Tell Yourself Everyday if You Want to Be Successful

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10 Things to Tell Yourself Everyday if You Want to Be Successful

10 Things to Tell Yourself Everyday if You Want to Be Successful
So as you may know, I like to post interesting, motivational speeches and one liners and stuff. Because as a freelancer, these are some powerful words to live by! And knowing these things can make all the difference from being successful, and not being successful. And will help you be more successful, both in your freelance career and just in your every day life. So here's 10 things to tell yourself every day, if you want to be successful. Both in terms of your personal and working life too! 10 Things to Tell Yourself Everyday if You Want to Be Successful

1: I will fight hard for the things that I want the most
I've said it before and I'll say it again "nothing worth having is ever easy to get". Besides, the longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it when it comes. But nothing worth having is ever easy to come by but they are worth waiting for if they are worth fighting for!

2: I will take action today.
Never put off anything that can be done today, tomorrow. There's a lot you can achieve in just one day if you just make a start on it. Besides, tomorrow is never promised and you don't know what's around the corner just waiting to sidetrack and distract you. there will always be distractions. It doesn't and shouldn't mean they prevent you from doing what you want.

3: I will be and remain focused on my goals.
The future is full of infinite potential for you. There is literally an infinite amount of things you can do and achive. And there are much better things in the future for you than you have left behind. There's a reason that things and people are in your past. Leave them in your past and strive towards your future.

4: I will be proud of who I am.
It's not how people see you that matters in life, what matters the most is how you see yourself! If you see yourself as a failure, people will see that in you. But if you see yourself as a successful person, an innovator, they will see that in you too. Be truthful and be honest about who you are and be comfortable in your own skin.

5: I will smile a lot more.
You might not yet realize it but there's a lot of power in a smile. Even if you can't see your own smile, to know you're smiling will make a world of difference. Don't go at things with a flat look, go at them with a smile! You'll find things work much better for you even when you're forcing a smile because you don't feel like it!

6: I will make the best of it.
Ever heard the expression "Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger?" Well everything you do and go through only serves to make you a smarter, stronger person. And you can expect amazing things to happen when you least expect them to when you adopt a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).

7: I will let go of yesterday.
We can get hung up and stuck in days gone past. We can find it hard to let go of them. But we must if we are to truly move forward. So forget about and leave behind the stress of yesterday. Put that day to sleep. It's all about today and tomorrow. For in tomorrow there is hop, there are new possibilities to be had and new opportunities just waiting to be grabbed hold of. You can only carry so much in your hands at once so drop what's not working and grab a hold of what is!

8: I will find the time to do something I love, today.
Life is short, you blink your eyes and before you know it you're taking out life insurance and writing a will. Not hugely fun stuff. Life is for enjoying! So do something today that you enjoy doing. Whether it's going for a swim, listening to some music, flirting with your neighbor, whatever! Don't not enjoy your life when you can as you only regret the things you never done!

9: I am priceless and invaluable.
In life there will be people that only value you so much. If you hang out with and surround yourself with these people all the time, you'll never feel truly valued. Instead, make the time to focus on those people that see you as priceless and invaluable. Those that love you. And show them your love and affection back, whether it's with a hug, a kiss or those 3 words "I Love You". It sounds soppy but love is what makes the world go around not money.

10: It's never too late for me!
I don't really care about your past, because I've learned that in life, it's not what we've done, it's what we're doing now. It's all about our intentions. So no matter what you've done, or where you've come from, you can always, ALWAYS change and improve the version of your current self. You are alive for a reason! Tap into that reason and life to your full potential!

Have you ever or do you tell yourself these things every day?

What other things do you like to tell yourself every day in order to find success?


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Thanks for sharing this list. I like especially to remind myself to stay focus, as I am easily distracted by lots of other stuff. After reading this, I have to tell myself to just take the action NOW. Thanks again for the reminder! 10 Things to Tell Yourself Everyday if You Want to Be Successful

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Great article 10 Things to Tell Yourself Everyday if You Want to Be Successful Sometimes, all we need to get through a bad day is that word of encouragement. A reminder that bad times don't last always. It will soon pass. I work from home as a freelance writer so its often a lonely path. I try not to let bad patches get to me by connecting online with other freelancers or I can log into Youtube and watch a motivational video.

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Thank you so much for sharing. This kind of information is precious in forums like this one. I will definitely keep doing the things of the list I already do and start doing the other things I have never done. I think it might be really life changing. Thank you!

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Thank you mike, You are best Seller on Seoclerks

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Thanks for the tips Mike! I agree with you. It's important to fight for what we want and remember the long term goal is the important thing because sometimes we tend to settle and start posponing it and at the end we end up doing something else that wasn't in the original plan.

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Life quotes,just book-marked this page.I reeally want to be successful.Anything that would work for me,I'm game.Thanks for sharing.nice tips and well thought-out ideas.

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That's such a nice article. We must keep on fighting and not let failures make us weak. We learn from our failures and this prevents us from making similar mistakes again. Goals are important. If you have a goal then you will work hard to achieve it. Achieving a goal gives so much self satisfaction. Only if we have goals can we have a real purpose in life. We must always accept ourselves the way we are. If you lack self confidence then this can badly affect you.

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There is a discussion in this same site about thinking positive and being proactive. I guess that is one of the best ways to help you achieve success. If you are thinking every time of succeeding then you will get it. This reminds me of an advice of a motivational coach. He said that you draw on a piece of paper your dream house or car. Then post that paper in your bedroom so you can see it every day. Rest assured that your dream will come true simply because you are always thinking about it.

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This is a very motivational piece. Most of the pointers shared not only apply to success but to life in general. I can sense how strong willed and unyielding this person is. It's like some self talk to guard yourself from people or circumstances that might get in the way. Also, to stay focus on your goal no matter what.

Success is never served on a silver platter. You have to work your way up and this requires the right mindset to start off.

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In short set your own goal. That's a helpful tips to boost and also to inspire ourselves. Believing in one self are one key ingredients to be successful. Thanks for sharing those helpful tips.

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I agree. Being successful involves working hard and to keep it moving even when it seems that you are not achieving what you want. You have to have clear goals and go after what you want aggressively. No matter what you have to keep pursuing your goals. Sometimes things will look like they are not going to work out, you need to tell yourself that you will make it.

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