Guide to write the high converting Landing Page

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Guide to write the high converting Landing Page

"Words are free. It's how you use them that may cost you." – This is indeed a true saying when it comes to your landing pages. If you are lazy when creating your landing pages then you are surely going to suffer for it. The text on your landing page is very important except it is a video landing page. So, here are some points which you can follow while creating your landing pages-

1) Using an attractive headline-

Headlines are the most important part of the landing pages. This is what attracts the most of the readers. So, be very careful while choosing your title of the landing page. It must be relevant to the products you are offering or the ad's copy which you have displayed (PPC, Facebook Ads etc.). This is a very important part to keep your visitors engaged.

2) Write clearly and don’t bore your visitors with unnecessary details or information which they might not be interested. A landing page is to deliver a clear message and not to show off your writing skills.
3) Provide them a clear path to follow-

After providing the necessary information ask them a for a clear call to action to follow so that they can finally complete the action which you want them to do.

4) Write in the Second person-

People only care about how they are going to benefit from your product or service. So, writing in the second person will help you to make that impression on their mind.

5) The length of your article or sale copy-

It depends on the purpose of your landing page. If you are looking to close a sale then I suggest you write a long copy and provide as much details and benefits you can to the reader(customer). But if you are looking to capture emails or sign them up for a newsletter then make it short and clearly to the point.

6) Body of the paragraph-

Use the most important topics at the start of your page logically arranging them in a useful pattern. Try using bullets and numbering if you can. This makes it clear to the reader. People tend to read more the start and end of a paragraph than the middle. So, your ending should be as good as your start to close down the sale. Be logical in your approach and present the important points in a systematic manner.

7) Remove all the unnecessary elements from your landing page like any kind of unnecessary links, navigation bars etc. And always keep your “Act Now” Button visible to the readers.


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Great landing page writing tips my friend! I particularly like the writing in the 2nd person tip. So many landing pages I see are written in the first person and it kind of alienates me you know? Why people feel the need to do that I don't know. Maybe they just don't know how to write great landing pages and they basically just copy what they've seen and go by that instead of thinking "outside the box" about it like you have done here.

When I'm writing/creating a landing page, I like to ask questions that I think those who are my intended audience would most like to ask and have answered. I then put these down as bullet points and then expand on them. For example;

  • How will this be of benefit to them?
  • How will it be able to relate to them?
  • Does it ask and answer their most asked questions?
  • Does it explain in detail what they will need to do?
  • Does it tell them how it will help them?
  • Does it offer anything of value other than the pitch?
Which are just some basic questions anyone should ask about their landing page! Guide to write the high converting Landing Page

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Attractive headlines is truly the number 1 priority for the landing page so that when someone clicks on the backlink that you placed in another website he will be brought directly to your landing page with a neatly written description that also includes an attractive headline. The clear path to follow is a given because if your navigation is faulty then it is like wasting your time in the landing page. No matter how many visitors you get there, nothing much will happen that will benefit your website.

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Thanks for the free tips. I'm just about to launch my affiliate marketing career and I appreciate the information.I agree with your tips especially with having an attractive headline and not having a boring landing page. This is bound to drive the traffic away. Another tip I would add is to have a free gift to entice people to click on your landing page. Free things have been proven to be the perfect marketing gimmick.

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