Top mistakes to avoid while building your landing pages

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Top mistakes to avoid while building your landing pages

Landing pages are the tools to convert your traffic into money or profit. All the internet marketers know the importance of landing pages. They would never promote a digital product or a newsletter campaign through their home page. So, ignoring them will surely be the difference between making 300$ a month and 3000$ a month. There are a lot of mistakes committed while building a landing page. I am going to list some of them below-

1) Ignoring the type of audience-

If you are promoting a product which is related to older women or men who aren’t so much tech savvy then stop using high-quality magical graphics and a highly designed flashy landing page. Older people will like a simple and easy to use website. You must design and plan your landing page according to the type of audience. A simple looking landing page which looks appealing to the older people might convert well for you. But if you are promoting a product related to online gaming or anything which is related to the persons who spend most of their time on the internet then using a highly designed landing page is very important to capture their attention.

2) Choosing the Right Heading/Title of your Landing Page-

This is the most important part of a landing page. You should be very careful to choose a title for your landing page. No matter how good your content is if your title is not attractive then you are not going to get results.

3) Distracting your traffic by offering more than one thing-

You must never give your audience more than one option at a time. Because they might get distracted or confused, this might result in decreased conversions. So, always use a separate landing page for each campaign. And never confuse them by offering them two things at a time.

4) Not spending enough time on it-

Landing pages can be created in few minutes. But you must spend time on it and plan each and every detail of your landing page because a few extra minutes spent here can earn you a few hundred extra bucks.

5) Split testing-

This is something that most of us ignore but this can really help you to earn more. Try different types of landing pages at first with different headlines and design and see which ones are highly converting. Then pick the winner and use it on all your sites.


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This again reminds me of the advice of 1 veteran writer in the movie industry. You should determine the type of audience you have. When starting to write, you should have in mind if the story is for the children, adults, male, or female. Like an action movie, it is often for the males so if you want to include the female audience then put a romance. With the website and online marketing, it is important if you know your target audience so you can create a blurb or content specifically for them.

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