Fact Check - New feature from Google Search

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Fact Check - New feature from Google Search

Yesterday Google announced a new feature for its Search services. It is called fact checked and it is pretty damn awesome.
Well, at least it targets and resolves the main issue we have today in our society all over the world: FAKE NEWS.

That's right, Google apparently wants to resolve the fake news problem all by itself by introducing fact checks to anything controversial.
So, if I search for "27 million people enslaved" I get the following first result:
Fact Check - New feature from Google Search?
This news isn't checked directly by Google, but they are checked by accredited news organizations or companies that deal with fact checking. Defiantly more accurate than blindly trusting some guys with a blog that writes some crazy conspiracies stories.

What do you think about this new Google features? Will you trust this new snippet do you think such features will help people to stay more informed with real news?


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Ohhh another interesting and cool update. Thanks for sharing! That's pretty neat. But wait, so who are these people that check them then? Are they an authority? When I click on the "Feedback" link, it shows a pop up asking me to confirm what I think of it. I can either choose (a) this is helpful, (b) this isn't helpful, (c) I don't understand what I'm seeing or (d) this violates Google's TOS. So I don't get it. Who are the ones that decide whether the story is real or is fake or not?

If it helps eliminate fake news stories then I'm all for it! Because I hate reading fake news stories. I may as well just pick up a novel and start reading that! lol. When I search for something online, I want to read the genuine stuff. The stuff that is REAL. Not fake, novel like stories that are made up. As entertaining as they sometimes are to read, they are just a waste of time and energy.

So it will be interesting to see how this plays out and whether or not it will reduce, minimize and completely stamp out fake news stories. But as said, it all really depends who's doing the voting. Is that an actual dedicated company or are Google letting people vote on it? And if the latter, who's to say people wont click to say it's fake when it's not such as competitors etc?

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I am glad that somebody is doing something to neutralize those fake news that are getting prevalent in the internet. To be frank, I really get irritated whenever I would see someone sharing on Facebook an item about the death of a celebrity. I always comment that they need to check first before sharing because it might be fake news. And 90% of the time, it is fake news. That fact-check feature of Google is one step towards honesty.

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Interesting news. In the past couple of weeks Donald Trump has been trying to fight Google because of their fake news apparently. Note that he is the king of fake news. And he accused them of spreading fake news about him(trump really obscures reality, I pity the american people) Its good that Google is doing this. Google really is the king/queen of content, that's why I call them the world's library.

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