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About Digital Marketing Category

Dear SEOclerks / Members,
I am wondering why SEOclerks does not have a Digital Marketing category for selling? This is available somewhere else.

SEOclerks is a great place and the largest SEO social network. One can sell with starting price of US$1, US$6, US$7, $8, $9 unlike 5,10,15,20 like that.

In my opinion, I think they are many resell rights resellers would like to sell not only ebook as well some digital download copies in the forms of videos, audios files, PPT etc.

I did notice about this section But it is not suitable only selling an ebook, then offer videos or advanced package within the same offer(Gig). In addition, resellers need extra Gigs for the additional offer.

And also, when filling in the ebook format, we have to put the following info which is difficult.
Who wrote and published this eBook?

This is different in between ebook original creator vs reselling the ebook.

I think many resellers also have no clue of how to sell on SEOclerks.

To add more attractive to SEOclerks, please consider having an option like "Digital Marketing" section. Just my little suggestion.

Hence, do you support the idea?

Thank you


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Hmmm well digital marketing covers a lot of topics from SEO to SMM. It's not just eBooks and digital literature. There did used to be a Lists category but I don't think it was making them much money and was full of a lot of low level services where most of them were just rehashes of things already being sold. It's a fair suggestion though but it's like any suggestion really in that if a lot of people like the idea and vote for it, it's something they might consider adding in the future. About Digital Marketing Category

What else is it you'd like to sell exactly other than eBooks?

Like what sort of things was it or was it that you'd just like to offer extras when selling an eBook or something?


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I think that $1 e-book is not just a bargain but a steal. And to think that the buyer can use the contents of the e-book for the content of their site, that’s a wonderful offer because there is now the direction to content regarding webmasters who are into SEO work. They know that content is king and the site should have new contents regularly. Maybe I can try that but not exactly at this time that my hands are full with my present workload.

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