What happens with your Facebook profile if you die?

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What happens with your Facebook profile if you die?

What happens with your Facebook profile when you die? What about loved ones?
I've seen a growing trend to say nice things on that person's profile page, sure, it may help some people somehow saying their goodbyes as well as seeing that person pictures one more time. But what happens after this period of morning passes?

I personally stumbled on close friend's Facebook profiles long after they were dead and buried. To tell you the truth it is hugely unsettling.

So what is the best way to react with a close friend's Facebook profile page?

1. Don't leave any messages on their profile. It's unsettling and can upset their family, even more, seeing all that activity on Facebook. Just say your farewell at the funeral

2. Don't tag the people that died.

3. Don't ask any questions. If you aren't informed on certain details it means you weren't that close, keep your questions offline and away from Facebook.

4. If you are close family to the deceased you can ask Facebook to Memorialized Accounts their account or to just delete it. You can do it from here:


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I can't imagine that scenario for myself. I think for me nobody is going to be there. So it will remain dormant and one day facebook will purge it. So surely it can be one profile something which may not matter in the long run. But people have some attachment and that is something they have to deal with on their own. It's not going to be easy for all of us to consider that scenario though.

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Just yesterday I visited my grandpa's profile, he died nearly 4 years ago and it was a bit unsettling to see photos of him and his old updates on Facebook. AFAIK there's profile inheritance available for deceased people.

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That's a great post. Last year one of my friend's passed away. I have been visiting her Facebook page every now and then. We have spent some great moments together. We have made some great memories. I am glad that her family decided not to cancel her Facebook account.

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I think the best bet is to delete the account totally, I see no need of that.What the essence of still keeping it.When my dad died, I didn't want a reminder of him online, I deleted his account because I will always feel sad and moody whenever I come across it.So instead of keeping it and people keep asking an irrevalant question.It will be better it is totally deleted.

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I believe there is a setting that allows you to give a close family member or friend access to your account when you pass away. Or like you said, someone can request for your account to be made into a memory so that when people visit your Facebook profile then will know that you have passed away and they will be able to see all the good things from your past.

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This morning facebook notified that a certain friend has a birthday. I knew this person was dead. Even though I never met this person, I was very close to her. I went to see her profile. Some people had wished her birthday. These people knew the person was dead and their messages included a message that said remain happy where ever you are.
The relatives of this dead person had not taken control of her account and it was deserted.

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I think that your Facebook account will remain the same because you are the only one who can deactivate your own account since you're the one who knows what e-mail you used and the password. Unless you have assigned a specific person to take control of your account, it depends on him/her to whether keep your account activated or deactivated.

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An uncle died last month and I have been checking his Facebook account once in a while just for curiosity. There are still those posts that were tagging him so they appeared on the timeline. But other than the tagged posts there is nothing much to see because it is obvious that people already know that my uncle had died. His son had posted on his timeline about his death and that should be a final notice.

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