How i give solution in ORM service?

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How i give solution in ORM service?

Hi to all,

Currently am working as Online Reputation Manager for some Clients Online based work.
To clean negative defamatory content and give them a real positive image which was defamed from negative content putted in Google on their Name.

My motive is always to be positive and be positive deliver more better and more good ways to get rid from wrong links coming in Google.
clients loves content, article, and links that shows a good positive image about them online Keywords.

I also can create Google Suggestions for any one.

I want to hear success stories and tips from other ORM service providers here.



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What I do is basically create a good backlink campaign for dozens of paratises or first tier high quality links aimed at the clients website. This will push up the positive content and in turn bury the negative posts. It's a lot tougher than it seems and this is why online reputation management usually costs a bit more for the same amount of work as if you were to do just an SEO campaign on the website itself.

You'll need to take your time when it comes to ORM because it's not an overnight type of thing. It actually takes longer to do than SEO on a website because you're focusing on a lot more pages than just a few the website has.

Focus on high authority links aimed at the homepage and subpages of the clients website and then build more high authority links at these links in order to boost everything in the SERPs. This will usually be all that you need to do but it costs a good amount of money if you're not doing it yourself and it's likely a 3 to 6 month process if you do it right.

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Thanks for the feedback,

Can you please guide me more about high authority links , how i can search and how i can get them.
wikilinks, etc..

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