50+ Killer Ideas & Ways to Make Money Online Today

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50+ Killer Ideas & Ways to Make Money Online Today

So you want to make money online on the Internet or even start a new business? Well first things first, you need an idea first before you can start, it all starts with an idea! You might already have your own website, or other business running, but since it never hurts to make a little extra money on the side, or even expand into something else and start a new empire. Here's 100 business ideas and ways to make money online today!

50+ Killer Ideas & Ways to Make Money Online Today

Before You Get Started
When it comes to starting a new business, there will be a lot of things you'll need to think about and do to get it off the ground and running. But the first thing to think about is whether you can stick with it in the long term. For some or most of these ways to make money online aren't always going to make you much money straight away. And if you have bills, rent to pay & mouths to feed, have a think about some of these points

  1. Can you make enough money from it to quit your job.
  2. What are your long term goals anyway?
  3. What skill sets or knowledge do you have?
  4. What are you passionate about?
Because it's often best to stick with doing things that you are already skilled in, already have knowledge in, already have a passion for and can make enough from it to quit your day job and then do that one, or several things, permanently as a way to make money.

Blogging and Social Media
You can use your website or blog, or current social media profiles and pages and the following you have (fans) to make some extra money on the side from them. The way to make money from your site, blog or social media followers would be one of the following;

  • Selling affiliate products/services.
  • Straight up selling advertising space.
  • Selling out blog post sponsorships
  • Launching influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Running YouTube Sponsorships.
  • Doing Instagram Shoutouts
  • Doing sponsored Podcasts.
  • Selling paid Tweets.
Writing Services
Everyone knows that article writing pays! And so, if you are good at writing, and you can knock out killer articles in next to no time (not that hard when you can just research it online). And you have a good command on the English language (or even another language for that matter) then you can make money by providing writing services.

Some Writing Service Ideas are;
  • Writing eBooks for people.
  • Writing blog posts for people.
  • Converting, translating content (audio/video).
  • Copywriting or ghost writing.
  • Editing and proofreading.
  • And a lot more!
You can list and sell any and all of these services right here on SEOClerks. Or visit Word Clerks which is a marketplace dedicated to content writing services. And writing services have always been profitable for good writers too. Just advertise, sell, write, deliver, get paid!

Marketing Services
Are you experienced and clued up when it comes to Internet marketing? Or maybe you are a quick learner and can easily adapt to new ways and methods. Well there are many many marketing services that you can sell and provide to people for to make money with. Some of these are;

  • Web design services.
  • Graphic design services (logos/banners etc)
  • SEO / SMO services.
  • Content marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing strategies
  • ORM (Online Reputation Management)
Once again, you can list and sell of those services right here on SEOClerks and provide them to start making a passive income with!

Coaching Services
Do you like teaching people? Like to guide people to complete and acheive their goals? Then maybe coaching is the right money making idea for you to get involved with.

Some ideas are;

  • Business coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Productivity coaching
  • Nutrition/diet coaching
  • Singing/action coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Etc etc..
Online Teaching
If you are the knowledgeable type and have a lot of wisdomly pearls you can share with the world, or anyone that will pay you for that matter, then online teaching could be the idea you need to make money online with. In fact, this can be a fantasticly profitable niche to get in as there will always be people that need things such as;

  • Language teaching.
  • Music teaching.
  • Singing teaching.
  • Speaking teaching.
  • Sports teaching.
  • Hobby teaching.
  • Etc etc..
Selling Digital Products
This is one of my favorite ways to make money online as once the initial work has been done, there's no limit how many times you can sell a digital product to someone else so it just keeps on making you money the more times you sell it. It's also a lot easier than selling physical products as there's no shipping to take care of. You wont even need a warehouse!

Some digital product ideas are;
  • Selling SAS (Software As A Service).
  • Selling traditional software.
  • Making and selling mobile apps.
  • Making and selling themes and plugins.
  • Selling places in membership sites.
  • Providing online webinars.
  • Attending virtual summits.
  • And much more!
Selling Physical Products
Of course, you can make money by selling physical products too! And with websites like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, ListingDock, etc etc, it gets even easier! Of course, you'll need something to sell first! But you can find many things online that you can buy in bulk and sell at a profit if you just do some research. Some ways and sites to use to sell physical products on would be;

  • Selling directly on your own website.
  • Selling products on Amazon
  • Selling products on eBay
  • Selling products on Etsy
  • Selling products on ListingDock.
Other Business Services
There are literally hundreds of other business services you can provide to people as a business and way to make money. Just some ideas off the top of my head include;

  • Being a VA (Virtual Assistant).
  • Writing/providing App reviews.
  • Selling paid website reviews.
  • Selling website testing services.
  • Providing Tech Support to Noobs.
  • Book Keeping / Accounting.
  • Recruitment services (finding jobs for people).
  • And many many more!
And that is 50+ Business Ideas & Ways to Make Money Online Today! There are many more ways to make money online today. But these are just some of the more realistic, practical and tangible things that you can actually do. That anyone can do, to make money with today.

Do you make use of any or all of these ideas?

What is your experience on selling any of these things as a service?

Which one of them would you say is the most profitable?

And which of them is the easiest or even hardest to sell in your opinion?

Thanks and to your success!



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Great post mike I always enjoy reading them and future posts.I am on a few making money websites which I won't mention but if anyone is wanting to make money then becareful of some sites as some could scam you. Always find out more before joining a site. Best way to make money is on here as a freelancer also think of things you are good at and put them into services on here.

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Great content, it is always a thing of joy to read educative contents like this in the forum.

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Make money online is really amazing thing which give mostly so many freelancers opportunities to earn and made individual identity.


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Making money from the internet is a good idea and there are many ways to make money and it may take certain skills to win easier and more without feeling bored and surrender. In my opinion personally, i find that the idea of making money from the internet is not easy or available to all.!

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I have come to realize there are so many ways of making money online but my problem is that most websites are discriminatory.People from certain countries are not allowed to join and unfortunately,those that allow you join might not have jobs for your country.I know how many website I have registered for survey jobs but I rarely get jobs from them.

The mantra is always jobs are not available for your country.This is quite sad.I believe if people are willing to work,the shouldn't be any discrimination.But in reality,it isn't possible

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It’s funny that I fully agree with blogging and social media as two of the best ways to earn money. But I am not into blogging now and social media for me is only for personal use. My main line is providing contents to forums so I don’t involve my social media account for now. Drop shipping is very popular in social media that gives me an impression that they are doing good. More and more of my friends in Facebook are into drop shipping.

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