Essential things should be included in contact page

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Essential things should be included in contact page

You should use all of the followings to get in touch with your clients
Name of your companyAddress of your companyCompany phone numberCompany email idContact form
Google map
Social Media presence linked with icon
Presence of your business at other places and your business representative there with his/her contacts if any
Your top staffs.

Present all of them in a nice way.


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Interesting, I was just looking into today what the essential elements should be that you should have on your homepage and the best placement for each for SEO and engagement. The Contact Us page come up as needing to be listed high up and to the right along with other related elements like sitemap and social media icons all in close proximity to each other. I think that's just common sense though really or makes sense to do that anyway.

And for your contact page it should have those things on it at a minimum yes. You can actually SEO your contact page as well and even use it to target some keywords with too and it shouldn't be really used for that purpose as much as it should be a place where people can find out about all the ways to actually contact you and actually do so. But you can and people do in clever ways as well since it's usually the page people end up on! Essential things should be included in contact page

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For some websites, yes, those are essential but for some they are not. For instance, I run a PHP website that is a mmorpg game, you must log in to access the contact pages. These pages are not available to the public, but more so for players that are logged in already.

I never really utilize the contact us page because most of my sites:

  • Have a login system and provide support sections
  • Are affiliate sites
However if people wish to contact me, they somehow find a way to do so without having a contact page.

Now the social icons are a bit more weirder. What I have noticed is that a lot of ad blocking plugins and addons have the options to block these buttons, unfortunately. But for spiders and crawlers it doesn't get blocked which is a lifesaver. Now as for the Google Map, my websites are not addressed anywhere but the internet. Essential things should be included in contact page

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In the offline business, it is sometimes important to include the name of the officers particularly if those names ring a bell in the business industry. But for a small online site I guess the inclusion of the names of the staff is not relevant especially if you consider the volatility of the industry that the staff will always be a-changing with the replacements. The address and phone number are more important than those names.

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