Newsletters + Guest Blogging to increase traffic. A little twist.

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Newsletters + Guest Blogging to increase traffic. A little twist.

Writing guest posts on blogs is no new thing in the world of SEO, but getting these posts on high trafficked websites within your niche can be difficult. You can act just like everyone else and email the website/blog you want to post on with a generic copy and paste email asking them for a guest post and what you'll write about, but no one wants to see that. Your emails will likely get deleted right after they get opened, and that's if they are even opened. Usually these types of emails will get deleted simply because of the title lol.

You need to build a relationship with the website you want to post on. You can't just push your way to their blog and start writing, because we all know that's now how it works. You need to treat the website owner like it's your girlfriend and be nice, don't be a d*ck. Below are a few ways to treat a website owner to get a guest post on their website or blog.

1) Sign up for their newsletter:
By signing up for their newsletter you'll most likely get a few emails a month informing you of updates or new posts. You can sign up for as many newsletters as you want within your niche, but be careful because you'll get a ridiculous amount of emails. If you sign up for 100 newsletters you can be sure to get an additional 300 to 1,000 emails a month because of it. I would suggest setting up a email so it's looks genuine and not something like You're doing this because you will be getting a lot of newsletters and you don't want to fill up your main support@, info@, help@, etc. emails.

2) Respond to the newsletters:
Now you're thinking "Wait, did you just tell me to respond to these?" Yup! By responding to these newsletters you can get on the radar of the website owner since no one ever responds to newsletters. You can quickly go through the email and pull out a little bit of info and respond with "I really love the part when you went over (info here)" and this will show that you actually opened the email and looked through it. Normally people just read and click through to a link sometimes, but they almost never respond. So by responding you're actually standing out from the crowd and the website owner will see your name@yourdomain email and possibly look at your website out of curiosity.

3) Share on Social Media:
It doesn't matter if you have 1 follower or 1,000,000 followers, a social share is seen by everyone that is tagged. So by sharing a websites post on social media and tagging them, you're basically saying "Hey, I just shared something from your website that I liked and I gave you credit. Come Look!" The website owner will come see your share and realize that you're the one who also responded to the newsletter. Now your relationship is starting to grow with this website owner and you're breaking down any defensive walls they might have.

4) Contact the website owner:
Contacting the website owner for a guest post is not going to work unless you do steps 1, 2, and 3. By doing all the steps prior to this you have build a type of relationship to the website owner that no one else has and you are now standing out from the crowd. It's better to be seen than blend in at this point so you're doing something right Newsletters + Guest Blogging to increase traffic.  A little twist. When you contact them you should say something like "Hey there, I really love your website and I've been writing on my own pages about similar topics. I have a few more posts that I'm thinking of writing and I would l would love to share them on your website if possible." Don't get pushy saying you want to guest post on their website for a link, you need to ease into that.

5) Write the content:
Don't write a garbage 300 word post and think that the website owner will post it or let you do it yourself. Write something that has good content and will be a good addition to the website. The better the article, the more likely it will get accepted at this point. If you do get the acceptance from the website owner, I would write no less than 1,000 words for them. Think of it, you're getting a free link on a niche website and all you have to do at this point is type, or pay someone to type it up for you. This link will usually stay forever as long as you don't break off your relationship with the website owner lol.

In conclusion, you can do this for hundreds or thousands of blogs and websites. Just be sure to have a dedicated email set up for this because you will get a lot of random emails coming in since you are singing up for newsletters. This is definitely a lot of work if you do not automate it at some point, so try to streamline it as much as possible if you can.

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Awesome post and tutorial Raz! A great way of getting guest posts without hitting a brick wall! And I've always said that it's all about how you ask someone that matters the most. About how you can break down those barriers and get seen in a good light (good books) so that when you do ask, they are much more likely to say yes. It's the power of a friendship. And if you can make a friendship first before you ask, what friend would say no? Newsletters + Guest Blogging to increase traffic.  A little twist.

I actually really like this idea and it seems solid as well. It's so obvious now you've said it but not something a lot of people would think of if they're trying to get a guest post link from some site in the same niche as yours. Because most sites in the same niche as yours will often see your site as a competitor and rival site so wouldn't want to help you with a guest post! But if you can get in their good books first and be known as someone that has already helped them with a shared social media post of their site/link etc and someone that actually is subscribed to their newsletter and reads them for that matter lol well that's already 2 steps closer to their inner circle and by giving them a whopping well written article that will surely be enough to get you a guest post on their site even if your site is a competing, rival site lol

I'll be putting this into practice myself at some point and let you know how it goes. I'll probably do a post on it along with numbers of newsletters I subscribed too, numbers of people who responded and numbers of those that followed right through and I scored a guest post from it too. Newsletters + Guest Blogging to increase traffic.  A little twist.



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Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I have subscribed to many newsletters and I regularly read some of these newsletters. I do check the links on these newsletters, however, I have never shared these newsletters on social media or written to the owners. I will have to work on your ideas.
I really liked your #3. You say share on social media and it does not matter whether you have 1 follower or 100K followers. I have never considered this.

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This is really a great way to get readers or traffic to one's site.Guest blogging has been a great avenue to utilized but most times we can't get through to the site owners.I believe this strategy of ours would work like magic.This method shows that the guest writer is not just selfish or looking out for his or her gains alone but also trying to push the host site or blog forward by signing up for its newsletters, doing a bit about and even sharing the site to social media.

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I have read several discussions on the benefit of guest blogging. But what worries me is the difficulty of finding a popular blog that would let you be a guest blogger. I understand that getting your blog to be posted on a popular blogger’s site is tantamount to advertising your own blog. But again, it is not easy to find popular bloggers because from the feedback I got, most are snobbish when it comes to offers of guest blogging. However, I know that there are kindhearted bloggers out here although you just have to find it yourself.

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