Travel websites can make you a nice income.

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Travel websites can make you a nice income.

Making money online is not easy feat, but if you target the right things you can possibly crack into a good niche. I'm talking about building a website focusing on vacations or travel sites. You can easily get this type of thing set up in a few hours and begin to do SEO and Marketing in order to pull in traffic, but what are the details behind this type of thing?

I'll use Colorado as my example because it's a popular location for tourists in the winter Travel websites can make you a nice income.


1) The setup is pretty simple, you basically need a catchy domain name that is short and sweet. You'll want it to be rememberable and easy to type so people can just punch it into the address bar if they want to go directly to your website. Another reason that a short and sweet domain is good is for advertising purposes. You'll want to be able to show your entire domain on an ad instead of getting it cut off, which is annoying.

2) Look for a travel or vacation type theme over at themeforest and buy it. This will normally cost you between $45 and $70 for a decent one. Be sure to get one that works with Wordpress because that's what you'll be running your website through since it's super user friendly and free Travel websites can make you a nice income.

3) After you have the domain and your theme, you now need hosting. You can usually use whatever hosting company you want since the majority of them are cool with Wordpress. Get the hosting account set up and install wordpress on it. You'll want to delete the /wp destination so that your theme shows up right on your index (your homepage). If you don't delete /wp then you will see a blank page when you type in your domain name and if you type in you'll see your theme.

4) After you have your hosting set up, you'll now need to upload your theme. This is pretty simple because all you have to do is go to your wordpress dashboard on the "Theme" section and click "Upload" then choose your theme file. After it uploads, you now have a website up and running. Some themes will remove certain images due to trademark infringement or copyrights, so you'll have to go to step 5 to figure out how to fix this.

5) Go to and set up an account. This website doesn't have as many stock photos as say shutterstock, but they have enough to get you by for now. Or if you have the bank roll you can go over to something like shutterstock and pay $50 for a few images. I prefer billionphotos because it's much cheaper being at $19 a month for 50 downloads a day or $99 for the year to get 100 downloads a day. So if you pay a little more at billionphotos you can get 36,500 photos for a similar price you could pay at shutterstock and other competitors lmao. Once you get all of the photos you need, customize them and then upload them to where you want.

6) Get some content on your website that is specific to your location, Colorado for example. You'll want to target keywords (without quotes) like, "Colorado vacation homes", "Colorado vacations", "Colorado vacation areas" and so on. By doing this you have a better chance of ranking for these keywords in the SERPs and pulling in a lot of super targeted traffic. Add loads of content, the more you add the better.

7) Monetize Your Pages! You'll need to generate revenue some how from you website, and placing ads on your pages is one of the best ways to do this. You can go with Adsense or BuySellAds, but one of the best ways is to call up a bunch of companies in your area, Colorado, and ask them if they offer affiliates any type of deals or payments to send people to their website(s). Of course you can just go through the website and look for an affiliate program, but sometimes it's not as easy as you think. Go with the best Colorado vacation website, resort, hotel, etc. and start pushing traffic through your affiliate links. If you send enough traffic and clients to the location you're working with, you can sometimes squeeze out a free vacation if you build up enough of a relationship with them lol.

Well that's just a simple guide to what you can do with this kind of idea. People over look it a lot but it has so much potential because you can literally target any location you want, like Colorado. Now you probably won't make much if you're targeting a small town with 25 residents, but at least you'll rank quick for your keywords! lol Travel websites can make you a nice income.

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Nice one Razzy! I'm actually planning (although all in my head atm) to start a travel site soon. It will be a sort of travel / information site for newbie travellers to get travel tips and recommendations from as well as reviews of popular travel destinations and interesting places to visit and things to do in that country/area where they are or want to travel to. It will be kind of a personal and commercial travel site too but it's mainly going to be for my friend Bill who has done a lot of travelling and has a lot of stories about the places he's been to along with a lot of photos that he has just sitting on memory cards and not being shared and enjoyed by the rest of the world. He has enough stories and has been to enough places to write a few hundred blog posts with and tons of pictures of those places, some of which are just truly stunningly beautiful and breathtaking. But he has zero technical skills and doesn't really have a lot of time in his day to learn it. I've told him the basics of what to do and what his options are and that. But I think he wants me to do all the set up, domain and site creation and the like which I don't mind doing if he pays me for it and my time lol. Travel websites can make you a nice income.

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Hello Razzy
Have a wonderful day.

Thanks for the beautyful travel related article. Your idea is for new comers who want to earn from online by doing a travel website. The travel website should need to have air ticketing system, google map location system, all resorts or hotel room booking system details and travel agent address all details to show their packages to your visitors by your website. In this way the website will be full fill for a new visitor. He wil get every information. For getting affiliate from any affiliate program the website owner should need to do white hat SEO ( onpage and off page optimization) system for generating traffic for the lifetime from all search engines.


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I've seen this myth peddled around that you will somehow undermine your credibility by earning a living. But the idea you must form a loyal community before you start montezing, is simply one option not the only option. If you establish from day one that your travel blog is business you will not alienate everyone. In fact you will etablish expectations so, if you try to sell something.your audience is not shocked and upset.
that said if you prefer to focus on indirect monetization you mau never have to sell anything to your audience .

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I have written blog posts for the travel based blogs and the forums. And for me that seems to be paying very low. And I can tell you that some of the sites that charge a bit high on the content side, they can be much better option. I would not be making my own blog though. I see the point of the earning the referral commission but there has to be enough traffic to justify this type of the earning on the per user that hits on the page.

As of now my main focus is write for others and get some income. The income generated from making my own blogs is not much justifying. So I'd not be spending that much money on the travel blogs.

However your approach looks good and it's good to see someone making money off it.

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I have a travel website. I did not get the domain that I wanted for my website, therefore I had to settle for something else. However, I gave my website the name that I wanted. I also have built content on the niche. Since my website is all about traveling to nepal, my home country, I did not have to buy photos. I used my own photos and friends' photos. I also have Adsense on my website. I have done everything you have mentioned here. However, I will have to check #7

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I have been mulling this idea before because I am a traveler. My husband and I travel at least 4 times in a year in Asian countries. The plane tickets are always on a discount and all we need to save for is the hotel and pocket money. With that experience, I guess I can qualify to be a blogger for travels. However, I think that niche is already over saturated and probably I have to think of a unique flavor for a travel blog for it to be popular. Creating another run of the mill blog is not a nice idea.

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But how one will attract visitors? Having a website is never enough, even the best one requires promotion, it must be ranked and noticeable for readers. Popular travel sites like have millions visitors, but they invest a lot of money in SEO.

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