Using bot traffic to falsely increase your stats.

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Using bot traffic to falsely increase your stats.

Using bots to falsely increase your websites traffic is not an uncommon thing today. Some people will use bots to increase traffic to websites for their own ego so they can claim their website gets 1,000,000 visitors a month while others do it to increase the value of their website to sell it. Bot traffic doesn't really do anything besides waste server resources so if you have a limited amount of bandwidth you won't be happy with the overage charges.

Reasons why people use bots for traffic

Their Own Ego:
People tend to get into buying traffic packages because they want a ton of traffic so they can take screenshots and show their friends. This really doesn't make sense because you're just wasting your hard earned money on something that is pointless lol. Plenty of times I've seen people posting screenshots and trying to brag about their traffic but when you ask to see their bounce rate, they go dormant and you can't get a response. By asking them to see their bounce rate I'm basically trying to see if they actually get that traffic or if it's bot traffic that bounces at 100%.

Lack of Knowledge:
Now there are people with egos that want to brag, but then there are people who just don't know that these traffic packages don't work. The novice web master will go to a traffic service provider asking a few questions and the provider will always give them the answers they want to hear. Traffic packages are easy to set up and that's why you see so many of them on freelance type websites. They sell well because you get novice webmasters thinking they're going to make $1,000 off of the 1,000,000 visitors to their website, but in reality they make nothing due to the fact that this is just bot traffic Using bot traffic to falsely increase your stats. If someone can really send you 1,000,000 targeted traffic for $10, $20 or $50 then it's not going to be good traffic. Do you think if I could get 1,000,000 targeted visitors for less than $50 I would be selling it as a service? NO! I would be building my own website to capitalize on the traffic lol.

Falsifying Statistics:
People have always used bot traffic in order to increase the amount of visitors their statistics show. If you claim your website is making $5,000 a month but you get 100 visitors, you won't make a sale anytime soon. But if you're getting 20,000 visitors a day and making $5,000 a month you're more likely to sell your website. For this simple reason is why people will falsify their statistics by purchasing bot traffic. Now real website buyers will be able to see a fake when they come across it, but not everyone does. I've heard horror stories of people purchasing a website and then the traffic disappears completely and the seller is unreachable. There are platforms you can sell your website on, and they do help preventing something like this, but not always. So if you're thinking about purchasing a website, I would do some research about the website and what could be going on before you sign anything.

DOS or DDOS attacks:
People will use bot traffic in order to overload a server and take down a website. If you have too many visitors coming to a website at one time it will overload the server and your website will show an error page, which is never fun. This type of attack happens all the time, but it never really happens to smaller websites due to the fact that hackers who can do good DDOS/DOS attacks won't care about you. The real hackers will be targeting networks and not single websites. Most recently there was an attack against the network that Paypal is on, and they were able to take it down for a few hours. Now they couldn't take it down forever because their files were protected, but they overloaded something and took down over 200 major websites Using bot traffic to falsely increase your stats.

In conclusion, bot traffic for your own needs like increasing your profits is never a good thing because it won't happen. If you're using bot traffic for falsifying your traffic to increase the chances of selling your website, you're a scum bag. If you're a hacker, I don't have any problems with you lol Using bot traffic to falsely increase your stats.

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Hello Razzy
Have a wonderful day.

Bot traffic system is not a white hat seo system. Its always black hat seo system and your website can get google penalized. For generating traffic you can use adwords or any other ppc platform. Those traffic will be application programming interface based system. Moreover if you do social bookmark-bookmark-web2.0 backlink about your website you will get keyword based traffic always from search engines. Those will be organic traffic for your website can be convert to leads and sales.


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If you're using bot traffic for falsifying your traffic to increase the chances of selling your website, you're a scum bag
That seems a bit harsh Raz lol. Business is business at the end of the day right? I kind of agree and digress though. I guess it would depend on whether you was transparent about where the traffic was coming from. If you was buying fake traffic to falsify your traffic stats to sell your site then that would make you a bottom feeder yes. But if you was honest and upfront about your traffic stats and where it was coming from and told any prospective buyers this that wouldn't be so bad would it? So I guess it all comes down to how honest you are about where your traffic is coming from. Using bot traffic to falsely increase your stats.

But not all traffic is equal and not all fake traffic has to be diminishing either. Because there are a lot of genuine, legit reasons for buying and running artificial traffic on your site. It's not always purchased just for these reasons and can actually help your site in various ways when it comes to SEO etc. Also, some people are able to turn a buck with it too through doing traffic arbitrage - the art of buying web traffic and earning more back from it than you spend on it. That can be a tricky science to get right and take a lot of experimenting, (trial and error) but some people make it work for them.

I have this one Russian guy that buys traffic from me all the time, usually once or twice a month in large amounts. And he's somehow about to make a profit from it. I think he's using some Russian ad program or publisher that pays him in eCPM and doesn't question the traffic as long as they have those impressions and they count. This to me is just business and if everyone is happy and nobody is getting hurt then power to them for it? Using bot traffic to falsely increase your stats.

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Considering bot traffic is practically useless - except to do evil, I think it should be banned. Instead, it should only be reserved for military operations against other nations, lol. Can anyone think of even one reason why it should legal? Let's see, it fools visitors who think it's real traffic they're buying, it fools buyers of websites who think the traffic stats they're seeing are real, etc..

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It's funny--I think I am actually too prideful to use bot traffic. I want real traffic, or I feel like I am failing in some way. I want to know that real customers are coming to me for the right reasons. I want to know that my products, services, sites, blogs, and networks are between real and viable people interested in building a strong connection and business culture. I would never use bot traffic.

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Bot traffic is just a number. It shows the visitor counts on your analytic dashboard, however, the traffic does not interact with your website. Thus, bot traffic does not convert to ad clicks, product purchase, signups etc. Bot traffic also increases your bounce rate.
Some people use bot traffic because they don't know what it exactly is. The beginners hear "you should get traffic to your website" so many times that they are more focuses on increasing the number.
Those who know the truth behind bot traffic continue to use bots because they have another purpose such as getting more money while flipping the site.

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In one discussion in this forum, I have read that traffic from bots are determined by search engines that they are not given a value in terms of ranking and earnings as well. And there is one who said that a false traffic can earn you demerits which means it is a negative point against your website. Maybe that’s a good advice so website owners will stop resorting to bots for traffic. And knowing it is fake traffic, why avail of it?

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