Kindly guide me Affiliate program here on Seo Clerks?

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Kindly guide me Affiliate program here on Seo Clerks?

Hi to everyone.

If we want to increase the level here on SeoClerks then we also understand affiliate program.

Currently am a new one in this Affiliate program,
Please guide me or give me points through i can understand this and try to make it my 1st affiliate program to sell or earn.

currently this is new for me so need someone good in this guidelines to understand and try it.


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Hello Babbar86
Have a wonderful day.

Thanks for this question. At first you need to know your affiliate links. Like my one is You need to transfer good traffic or organic traffic or white hat seo traffic to your affiliate link. From your delivering traffic any body can join with your affiliate link and can buy any product.When any one can buy any service from your affiliate link than you will get 10% of the service.


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so this one is mine.
i found this in my affiliate marketing option.

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Hi Babbar86 nice post! You posed a good question on one of the most exciting and lucrative parts of the SEOClerks site that is the Affiliate part of it. Because through it you can earn a substantial passive income by just referring people to the site. Buyers especially. And it has several ways you can earn from it and many ways you can advertise your affiliate links and get those referrals too.

And if you're looking for promotional material to help you with that, you can find some banners that you can use on the promotional page. Or, if you want more unique banners and stuff, you can always get them on here too in the Art and Design category. Or even hire a freelancer with those skills to knock something up for you. Or, you could even start a WTB asking for someone to make you one or some for your campaigns.

And don't forget, to see how many affiliates you have and the ways in which you can use your affiliate links, check out your affiliate tab. And there are just so many ways in which you can promote SEOClerks and get affiliates with it. You can find a ton of services on here to do that for you too. I find the best way is to start an affiliate site or blog and add blog posts which are just services on here or even get something more dedicated - there are quite a few really good SEOClerks affiliate scripts and themes on here that will help with that.

Just build it, promote it and they will come! Kindly guide me Affiliate program here on Seo Clerks?

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