14 Places to Promote Your Free Ebook

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14 Places to Promote Your Free Ebook

Ebook creation is a great way to promote any site. Just combine your best blog posts into a pdf format and publish for free distribution to any free ebook promotion site. Be sure to include your blog or website link. You can include affiliate links but that might decrease the chances of your acceptance to a free ebook promotion site. You can give your ebook away as a promotional gift for new subscriber sign ups or as gift with purchase.


Indie Author News
E Reader Love
Topless Cowboy
Indie Book Of The Day
One Hundred Free Books
E Reader News Today
EBook Lister
Free Me
The Reader Cafe
Frugal Freebies
Book Angel
Free Books
I Love Books

Please list your own free ebook promotion site or Facebook group where you can get your free ebook listed.


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Oh nice thanks! A little while back, I was working on a resource like this, it was actually a collection of places where you could submit your eBooks to, both free and paid resources as well. Some of the ones you have to pay for are quite good and reasonable and they share your eBook with their social media followers and put it on their site and the like. I never did get around to completing it in full as it was such a huge resource. But I know it would be very valuable to people who want to get more exposure for their eBooks! I have an eBook up and coming I'm working on myself, it's actually pretty much finished already I just need to make an attractive cover for it or make one myself or buy it from somewhere then it's good to go! After that, I'll be submitting it to some of the free and possibly a couple of the paid resources too and will check out those resources above and let you know how I got on!

There are actually quite a lot of Facebook eBook groups, and you can find Google+ Communities based on eBooks as well.

You can just use these searches to find them. 14 Places to Promote Your Free Ebook

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Gee, I didn’t know that there are sites where you can promote your e-book. That’s a big encouragement for e-book writers because from what I know, the hardest part of writing a book is not the writing nor the publication but the marketing. What will happen if your have written a good story but no one would read it? Anyway, those sites are helping the e-book industry with their facility that can be used for free promotion. Thanks for that.

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