About infraction and level 3 remove and become level 1

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About infraction and level 3 remove and become level 1

i get level 3 but today i bit illegal services such as Facebook/Instagram than i have received an infraction at SEOClerks.
Seoclerks infraction will expire in 2 day(s). if infraction will expire then how can i get level 3
How much time to take get level 3 or never i do not get level 3


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Well, if you have an infraction, you will need to wait for that to expire first. And when that expires, your user level status will go back to how it was before you had an infraction. That usually happens automatically within 24 hours of your infraction expiring.

I'm surprised that you tried to list an illegal/banned service as you've been here since early this year and should know about that by now. Although I can give you the benefit of the doubt, you can't claim ignorance to the rules as, just like it's your responsibility to know the law in your country, it's also your responsibility to know the rules and regulations for using SEOClerks as well.

If I was you, if you haven't already, I would read up and get familiar with the Terms of Service. While you're at it, you should also read up on and familiarize yourself with the Responsible Listing Guidelines too. I'm not saying that for my own benefit, I'm saying it for yours so you can avoid this happening again in the future.

SEOClerks are good like that, in that they will give you an infraction and not just ban you. Basically, it's your chance to learn what you've done wrong, confess, repent and turn from your actions and go on to be better, more responsible and more successful seller which is what everyone wants.

Hope this helps and good luck!


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