A Guide to The Wonderful World of Clients and How to Deal With Them Part 2

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A Guide to The Wonderful World of Clients and How to Deal With Them Part 2

So yesterday, I posted A Guide to The Wonderful World of Diverse Clients and How to Deal With Them and in that guide, we was faced with 5 different types of clients, from thoes that aren't really sure what they want, those that assume other things are being done, those that needed the work done yesterday, those that need the work done by tomorrow and those where everything is an emergency. All of which usually don't understand the ins and outs, the work involved and the time it takes to get that work done, and how to deal with these types of clients.

And here today, I'm going to propose another 5 difficult clients and their outrageous, unreasonable, and unrealistic demands, and again how to deal with them. Knowing how to deal with these types of clients will make a world of difference in how you operate and whether you lose face or not. Knowing this, will and should go on to make you a better, smarter, more successful seller both on here and just in life in general! A Guide to The Wonderful World of Clients and How to Deal With Them Part 2

Client 6: Mr I Don't Really Care Just Do Whatever You Want.
These types of clients have a completely hands-off approach to things. They generally lack the key information needed to complete the work even when you press them for it. You know the types, you require some basic information in order to get started on the work, but they don't understand what you're saying and or think they have given enough information for you to do so.

How to deal with them:
You can take advantage of the freedom this type of client provides you, but you should require them to provide you with the required details before doing any large work. Tell them that without the key information, you will have to go by your best judgement and improvisation and that as they haven't provided you with the key information you need, there can be no changes to the work after it's been done because of that. Although that's up to you!

Client 7: Mrs I Care So Much It Hurts!
You know the type, they come to you with a very specific approach to doing your work but leave you with little to no room for your ideas. So much so in fact that it makes you wonder why they purchased your service or hired you in the first place!

How to deal with them:
Find out in full what exactly it is they are trying to accomplish and have done based on what they're telling you, but don't be afraid to put your foot down and tell them in a frank way if their approach wont work like they want it to because of x reason. Sometimes people just need to understand the caveats of what they want and unless you tell them, they wont know!

Client 8: Mrs I Don't Know What I Want, But It Isn't That!
These clients literally don't really know what they want, but what they do know is that it isn't what you're offering instead! They know they want something but it's not what you're offering which makes you wonder, do they really know what they want at all?

How to deal with them:
This type of client is a moving target and can potentially cause a lot of disruption and a**ache for you and your business. Sometimes it might be better to hang the "No Vacancies" sign for this type of client! Just tell them what you can do and what you're offering and leave it with them to get back to you once they have made their mind up!

Client 9: Mr Will This Cost More AKA I've Spent All My Money on This!
These types of clients are usually the "penny pinching" type of client. They are the type that count the pennies to the last penny and and are very concerned about spending more than their budget allows. Often, they want discounts for extra work, even though they've never ordered from you before and believe you should give them one too.

How to deal with them:
You should get them to agree upfront about the cost for the project and if they can't afford to pay it, then you can politely tell them that you cannot do it. Especially if they can't pony up the cash for the extras!

Client 10: Mr What's a Weekend?
Some clients don't realize that you work like a bitch dog all week and that you need a break sometimes, especially on the weekends when you need a change of scenery. They are the type that sends emails to you at 3AM in the morning, schedule meetings for working after business hours and then wonder why you didn't complete their work on Christmas Day!

How to deal with them:
This really comes down to you and whether you don't mind working on weekends or meeting up after business hours. But generally, don't be afraid to tell them it's because you wasn't "on duty". And don't be afraid to say no to them if what they want is going to take too much of a toll on you or your staff.

And that my friends is another 5 difficult clients and how to deal with them. Bringing this to 10 now. I will post another 5 later on or tomorrow so soak up these for now and I'll post them later for you. A Guide to The Wonderful World of Clients and How to Deal With Them Part 2

Do you ever come across clients like these?

How do you deal with them when you do?




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Have a wonderful day.

From my experience I manage every client by politeness. I like to do gentle behavior with client everytime. If you do bad behavior than the client will become angry.If there have many more trouble than SEOClerks have the facility to cancel the work at any time.


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That's a safe attitude. You can never go wrong with being polite. Instead of arguing with the rude client, it is better to just let it be and think of a way to convince the client with your stand. Again, it will boil down to your politeness and sooner or later, the client will also be polite.

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You really captured the attitudes of some clients, some don't even know what they want and they one does it not even accepted by them.It appalling sometimes.I don't touch any client job even with a long pole if I don't know the specifics, it might be a waste of time if the client decides not to pay or needs a refund.Your tips are helpful.Sellers having bad or hard time with clients would find these helpful.

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