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I don't want people to follow me and keep monitoring my activities as they could be my competitors. So, how do I prevent people from following
my account? And also how do I remove the people who are already following me?

These two features should be there.



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Hi DigitalWorld, I hear you, but unfortunately, you cannot do that right now as it's not currently a feature on here just yet. However, to give you some peace of mind, if people were to follow you, they wouldn't know what you was up to as far as buying any services went. Followers aren't notified about any services you purchase/purchased. And they can't see any thing else you've done like searches. The only thing that followers are notified about are status updates you make but those can be seen on your profile by all anyway. And if you create a WTB or WTT asking for something. Then they will get a notification of that if they are following you. And that is something that anyone following you would see and know of through their notifications.

And there's no way to stop people from following you and there is no way to remove the people following you, from following you either I'm afraid. Not as of yet. It's a fair feature suggestion though. But like most feature suggestions, they're only added if enough people request it you know?

Your competitors shouldn't know who you are though if you know what I mean. I mean, when you create your SEOClerks account, your competitors don't know that your account is an account owned by a competitor to them. How could they possibly know that unless you've told them? Suggestion on Feature

Anyway, I hope this helps bud! Suggestion on Feature


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Hello Mike,

Thanks for the reply. It helps.


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