5 Genuine and Real Ways that Google+ Can Help Your Business Grow Exponentially! Tutorial

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5 Genuine and Real Ways that Google+ Can Help Your Business Grow Exponentially!

So you probably already know what Google+ is by now. They are basically made up of "communities", groups basically, in fact, Google+ communities are basically Google's answer and equivalent to Facebook groups. But this isn't about Facebook's groups, this is about Google+ and that covers Google+ profiles, communities and pages. And if you've ever wondered what all the fuss about Google+ is and why and how it can help your business to grow to exponential rates, then this is the guide you need for -

5 Genuine and Real Ways that Google+ Can Help Your Business Grow, Exponentially!

5 Genuine and Real Ways that Google+ Can Help Your Business Grow Exponentially!

1. Boost Search Engine Presence and Rankings

  • With over 550 billion users. Yes you read that right, OVER 550+ billion users! That means your potential clients and customers are definitely on and using Google+!
  • Google +1's are one of the top social media influencers for top search engine ranking results right now. Basically, Google+ 1's carry a lot of authority as far as social signals go!
2. Authority Building
  • By using Google+ regularly, and daily, you can earn respect and authority as an expert in your niche. You can be seen as a credible, respectable, quality go-to source/resource.
  • By connecting and owning content through its authorship options you can show that you are the original content creator and owner of the awesome and amazing content pieces you post.
3. Identity Creation
  • You can sync your other social media profiles and pages to your Google+ page which adds more authority to them and lets people know that they are all connected to you.
  • You can stay connected through Google+ Hangouts which are a great way to connect with more of the people that will find your brand, business, products or services.
4. Community Engagement
  • You can group your friends, colleagues and even your customers into circles so you always know who's who and why and helps keep your follower very organized unlike other social sites where everyone is just a "follower".
  • You can engage with people, clients, customers and everyone else in the Google+ communities which often are made up of many thousands of followers which can all be potential clients, customers & friends.
5. Growing Your Business
  • You can integrate your Google+ page or profile with Google Local Search so that your Google+ page or profile, or even community shows up in local searches based on what your niche is in.
  • You can send Google+ invites to anyone. Not just other Google users but literally anyone. Even those without a Google account and when they accept, they become one of your circles (followers).
So that's 5 very genuine, tangible and practical ways that Google+ can help your business to grow. And it's not just official actual businesses, you can use Google+ to grow and promote any kind of business. Especially your SEOClerks services! Whether you post your actual SEOClerks service URL or a URL on your site that links to your service. By posting consistently using different messages and #hashtags etc. You can reach even more people.

Do you use and or are you using and making use of Google+ in your advertising and social media growing endeavours?

If not, you're essentially leaving money on the table to your competitors!


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Hello Idealmike
Have a wonderful day.

Its a nice write from you about google plus social media. This social media enables you to make relation on your interest, passions, career or profession. Google plus social media helps you to make relation with your contacts and with business potential customers. Google plus have automatic integration with YouTube and this social media takes the full facility from you tube audience also. This social media use google plus location maps and local business option to say the location where the business office and what they entitle about the business. Google plus events plus calender reminds help the business audience. Google plus social media use a huge cloud storage where you can share password protected documents, normal documents and PDF presentation to all social media including air time also. By embedded post google plus social media post can be publish on blog easily. Google plus does not adjust or crop the image at any time. For that reason users get full picture. Google plus adds to use the variables like to write content by italic format or by bold. Google plus social media gives the facility to share the content with specific circles or friends or groups. Google plus take performance in depth analytics by small or circle count integration with google plus.


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Hi Centurion thanks for your response! Yes I really like how you can format your text on your G+ posts that is one thing (among many) that G+ has going for it over other social media sites! 5 Genuine and Real Ways that Google+ Can Help Your Business Grow Exponentially! I just feel like G+ is a very overlooked powerhouse by a lot of people both businesses and people, small and large today and that's silly because it an be a very great resource for finding new clients and of course, for growing your business with. For these reasons (and yours) I give G+ a 9/10 for social media effectiveness and usefulness. 5 Genuine and Real Ways that Google+ Can Help Your Business Grow Exponentially!

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Your advice is spot on. I have had a Google Plus account for years. But I just recently started using it regularly. My G+ profile About tab shows my related social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The only tip I have not tried is integrating my profile or page with the Google Local Search. Working on it!

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I frequently been using G+ more and more, And started to use hash tags and also joining other communities related to my niche . And by the way thankyou for the excellent post Mike its very detailed and enjoyed reading it. I also think this is one of the best social signals to gain. I do tend to try and get more of these then the others. I do get other signals but I concentrate a lot more at gaining G+ ones as they do seem to be more powerful.

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Google+ can actually help your business grow exponentially in the Sense that it delivers instant traffic to a website. It also helps business owners make faster sales because it is search engine optimized. Google+ happens to be one of the most powerful social media sites online, so driving traffic is guaranteed.

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One of the good things about Google + is it sends social signals to Google search. The things you shared on Google + will appear on Google search. Another benefits of using Google + is you can claim authorship over your contents. Through your G+ profile you can set google authorship on your website. When you have this option, your Google + profile will appear on the search index along with your contents.

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Maybe it is hard for me to build authority because I see myself as an ordinary writer with no clout. But I can go with community engagement because that is an easier task considering that I already have friends to start with. I understand that we need people for our business and connecting to them is one way of establishing or fortifying your network. And in boosting your SEO presence, I’d say focus on your content. However, I am surprised with that 550 billion users.

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