Any energy boost tips , I tried coffee and energy drink what next ?

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Any energy boost tips , I tried coffee and energy drink what next ?

Today as just dragged on felt like today was never going to end. I feel so drained and so tired today can't stop yawning lol yeah am tired but the thing with me I can't go bed early as I struggle with sleep anyway and I will end up getting up far to early. I do suffer from insomnia so that also don't let and normally meditation helps me but that isn't either. It annoys me as I not got much done today . Think a trip to doctors tomorrow for me as anyone else suffered same symptoms.


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I had a similar experience on Saturday. I went to sleep a little before midnight (Friday night) and kept waking up during the night or having vivid dreams so that it felt as if I had not slept at all. I finally woke up at 4:30 AM and could not go back to sleep. I felt fine until around 2 PM on Saturday afternoon when I had to take a short break for a nap. Even a half hour or hour nap is great for recharging the batteries and taking the edge off fatigue. This idea really worked for me and helped me to make it through to the end of a very long day (which ended last night again, just before midnight). Hope you are feeling more rested today and if not, possibly take it easy or take a little time to actually rest, not work. Sometimes, being stressed over a real life situation can cause sleeplessness or poor sleep. Meditate or exercise before sleep to redirect your nervous energy into something productive. In that way, you will (hopefully) fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

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Hello moneybags82
Have a wonderful day.

Its not a good idea to take drugs. Its harmful for your health. You will get down from your life style day by day. Love to see you drugs free. Drug free everyday is Golden day.

Wish you all the best.

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Hi Kev, are you getting enough exercise? They say you should work out / exercise every day to the point where you're out of breath and perspiring (sweating). And in doing so, that increases your stamina and endurance. Basically, it means you wont feel so tired all the time and can last longer. For when you don't exercise or work out, your stamina levels are low and you can get tired easily even when not really doing anything. That's what I find for me anyway although everyone is different but generally that's what I find for me and most people as well. Any energy boost tips , I tried coffee and energy drink what next ?

Also it could be down to your diet as well. What you're eating. Are you eating enough greens? Are you drinking enough water? I'm not talking about soda pop or even fruit juice. Although fruit juice is good for you. Everyone should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. I think it's about 2 litres basically. Water is like the oil that your body (engine) needs to keep working and ticking over properly.

If you imagine a car engine without enough oil in it, eventually it's not going to run as well, the gears are going to crank and grind and the clutch wont work as well at changing gears and eventually the whole engine will seize up. That's the same for your body too. Water is a catalyst and the body needs it to flush out free radicals, toxins basically, which can cause us to feel fatigued and low and not much energy.

Try this!

The 7 day water drinking challenge!

I challenge you to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Two in the morning from 7 to 10. Then two in the afternoon from 1 to 5. Then two later on in the day from 6-10 or something like that. Basically, stagger them out and keep this up for 7 days. I guarantee by day 7 you'll be feeling much healthier and have a lot more energy. Even more so if you combine it with regular daily exercising or working out. Any energy boost tips , I tried coffee and energy drink what next ?

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I don't think consume loads of caffeine is good for your health. Maybe, you should start taking power naps if you are feeling tired, or yawning constantly. I want to remind you that overwork your body is not a good thing. Take care, though.

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I feel sorry for you buddy , but there's a solution for every problem so don't worry .
When your are all ready tired it is not a good idea to take energy drinks or beverages but instead you can try having some fresh juice or warm milk, the best juice i would recommend is avocado ( butter fruit), the fruit has got lots of carbohydrates in it and it will give an instant push to your body, Other wise the next best thing you can do is just hit a hot shower and empty down one or two beers, clear all your thoughts and go to bed, turn on some sleep inducing music and try getting some good night sleep, Every thing will be all right after you wake up.

I wish you a good night sleep buddy. Take care.

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Hi! You can go for a walk once a day and work out twice/three times a week. That will release endorphins that will boost your energy levels. Any energy boost tips , I tried coffee and energy drink what next ?

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I do not know or judge your lifestyle habits, but from experience I used to feel the same way until I decided to live a healthier lifestyle. I used to live in cofee and then my body would crash, it was a repetitive cycle. I started eating more nutritional food and working out and slowly I stayed to feel great. I slept better, felt more energized, and more motivated. I would notice a huge difference on the days I slacked off, I felt more sluggish. I do not recommend any drugs they are harmful for your health, if you want long term results just make a few minor healthy changes in your life.

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Energy drinks consumed regularly are not good for your health. Start working out a bit. You can also try doing Yoga which will not only keep your body fit but also your mind will be refreshed, will help you focus and concentrate better in work. Drink lots of water. During work if you feel tired, just get up and go for a walk or do something refreshing like playing a game that requires physical movement, or even listening to music helps refresh your mind. Get good healthy sleep too, it is really important that you get some good rest.

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I used to drink this coffee called 78c which functions like an energy drink somehow. Normally, coffees don't give me a boost either, but I suggest if you don't have 78c in your country, try an energy drink and afterwards do a bit of an exercise. Maybe try brisk walking, or any cardio that can make your heart palpitate a bit, then that's around the time that I get intense boost.

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for me to boost my energy I always try to eat three healthy meals per day and I keep taking snakes in between, coffee is a good idea for energy drinks but you can also try to drink protein shake, it is digested quickly in 30 minutes maximum and it helps to absorb the energy for the body.

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Exercise almost guarantees that you'll sleep more soundly. It also gives your cells more energy to burn and circulates oxygen. And exercising causes your body to release epinephrine and norepinephrine ,stress hormones that it modest amounts can make you feel energized . Even a brisk walk is a good start.

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Exercise is the best way to boost your energy. Its natural and it has no half life like medicines or enwrgy drinks.

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Coffee and energy drinks aren't the way to go anyway when it comes to boosting your energy. All that caffeine does is it inhibits the receptors that tell you you're tired, rather than giving you actual energy. There is no magic pill when it comes living a life full of energy, but rather it is going to take several lifestyle changes.

It is important to have a well balanced diet with proper amounts of vegetables, grains, and proteins. If you're eating low nutrient foods, you're going to be a low energy person. Exercise is important as well, since it can drastically improve the quality of your sleep and overall functioning of your physical body.

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Yes sometimes I do feel tired and drained physically. What I do is to stop working immediately and go make a snack, preferably a sweet snack. I then settle down to unwind by watching my favourite series on Netflix or just listen to some classical music. This often works for me better than trying to exercise.

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Check with a medical professional to be on the safe side. After that, don't see why a healthy diet, exercise, and good one-a-day multivitamin won't do the trick. Women often need to take iron supplements. That was my problem. Not sure what men need to do. Anyway ... hope you bounce back!

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I would say you are doing a big no no. When you drink coffee or an energetic, you will feel super active, that is due to the fact you are under their effect, you don't feel tired, you are not sleepy, but that's going to last for a couple of hours. After that, you will see the adverse effect, because caffeine already did its job, so starts to cause tachicardia, so you will feel tired but excited. Maybe you should try to drink something else like tea or fruit juice.

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to boost energy I till we shouild settle for the natural process of exercising,eating lots of fruits and taking about 8 glasses of water as recommended by the doctors.I try this on weak days and it does renew my strengh

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Personally coffee does the trick for me. The only other suggestion I can recommend for you is "Ginseng". It's a natural herb from the perennial plant family. Ginseng has a number of health properties that include lowering blood sugar, lowering cholesterol levels, reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and treats diabetes. However, the main reason people buy Ginseng is for its energy boosting properties. Like yourself, my father also doesn't get a boost from coffee, or energy drinks. Because of this Ginseng in the tincture form has become one of his main herbs for an energy boost. Give it a try! They're normally available at your local health stores or pharmacies.

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Manage your time in a way that there will be times you get that needed sleep. Sleeping is one way that I have used to boost my energy levels during work. There are some energy drinks not good for the body for a long time, so be mindful of that.

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I am not a coffee drinker so I am at a disadvantage when it comes to energy boosters. But I discovered that Coke is like coffee that can wake you up. It was actually my husband who is a Coke drinker. When we go on a trip for a long drive, we bring the cooler and there is always Coke in it. When my husband would feel sleepy, he would pull over and have a Coke. That’s also what I do when I get lethargic. And it is better with a matching walk, say for 50 meters or so to wake up my blood, so to speak.

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To boost your energy, I advise you to drink and eat energy giving food. Food that are rich in carbohydrates I believe could be good for you to take. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables I believe will give you extra strength. Drink vitamins also.

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