Posting reviews on your own website. Do you do it?

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Posting reviews on your own website. Do you do it?

So a long time ago I was posting actual reviews on my websites from current and past clients, but it supposedly got me into trouble with Adwords. About 6 years ago I was pushing one of my websites through adwords pretty heavily and I didn't hit any snags until I bumped my daily spend from $50 a day to $100 a day. I think this triggered a manual review to see what my website was all about, and then the person didn't like the reviews on my site and sh*t canned my account lol.

It took me over 6 months to get a straight answer from the various Google and Adwords account managers and reps before I knew why I was banned. At first they claimed it was because I was falsely leading clients to purchase from my website due to the reviews on my pages and the "guarantees" I posted. I had guarantees that they would increase their overall rankings or I would refund them, do you think that was a bad idea? I refunded a few people, but the majority were completely happy with my services Posting reviews on your own website.  Do you do it? Buuuuut Google saw that as a negative thing and they didn't want it in their paid section of the SERPs.

Another 6 months forward I was talking to another account manager who seemed really chill and maybe he slipped up, but he told me that Google and Adwords were beginning to hit a lot of the small to medium sized companies. He said that they saw a "Gurarantee" on my website and since I was in the SEO niche they instantly banned me, which is pretty shitty since 98% of my clients get much higher rankings than expected lol.

So they initially told me that my account was "suspended" because of the reviews on my pages but in reality it was because they were being d*cks and trying to remove the vast majority of their SEO advertisers who gave guarantees. By giving a guarantee to increase a clients search engine rankings it means you know what you're doing, and Google really doesn't want that to spread. So instead of working something out with me they banned me Posting reviews on your own website.  Do you do it?

Fast forward a few years and now I have another Adwords account under a different name, address, new computer, new IP address and all the bells and whistles. I don't advertise any of my backlinking services but I do advertise my marketing company through Adwords. I can get away advertsing my marketing company because I don't mention anything about increased search engine rankings. I primarily talk about bringing in clients from various search engine techniques such as content creation and PPC campaigns, and Google is cool with that because it basically says "I'm writing content and paying Adwords for my rankings". I have a few other websites running through adwords, but they'll most likely never be as profitable as my main website was 6 years ago Posting reviews on your own website.  Do you do it?

Bing Ads on the other hand doesn't give a sh*t what I advertise as long as it's not hateful lol. I've had my main website advertising on their ad platform for years and any time I talk to a rep over there they are extremely happy that I chose them lmao.

In conclusion, be careful about posting reviews and guarantees on your website even if they are 100% legitimate, especially if you're in the SEO niche. Google is a big dog and will ban a little person like you without blinking an eye, which is sad.

  • What do you think about posting reviews on your website?
  • Have you ever had a problem with Adwords when posting a guarantee?

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Hello Razzy
Have a wonderful day.

Google is the most clever in this online world. For the first time I think you felt trouble for using sane ip. Reviews will come automatically to your website. If you think you will hire someone to post review on your website and if someone post on your website a review than google wil analyse and will identify that you have hited someone and without any reason they can banned you.

Secondly for avoiding google ad words banned issue website contets must be unique.Google is always clever if you make any tricks. Without trick works called white hat seo.

Finally you are successfull with ad words with another website and congrats for that. Stay careful and do not use any policy. Probably ad words will make you rich.

Wish you all the best.

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How can the Google team see the IP's of the reviews on his website without being able to login to his website to see them?

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I always go for the real review. I don't see any point in writing fake reviews even though I do it for my clients sometimes and I believe overall in some niches fake reviews can really help, at least at first. Also, for an SEO point of view reviews can increase ranking as well as the general score of your content.
As for using Adwords to promote SEO services, well no! Never. I learned my lesson just as you did, both with Adwords and Adsense (took me 4 years to get a new account).

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Sure, I do yeah, I don't go OTT on it though and post too many. I might post a few to start off with just to get the ball rolling, but generally, when it comes to reviews, you have to be really really careful as you have found out the hard way. Especially if you're using Adwords with that site as the smallest thing can trigger a flag and get it manually reviewed. And then if they dig a bit deeper and look at your reviews and suspect that some or even most of them are fake reviews, they can and surely do use that as reason to pull the plug on you lol.

And reviews are a tricky thing on their own to fake really. You can write a fake review and think that it sounds perfect. But as a buyer reading it their take on it might be different and they may be able to "smell a rat" within that review as it just doesn't look right compared to the others.

As for guarantees that's a bit different. An only guarantee is only a bunch of words really. It's not really a legally enforcing thing. So while you might have a guarantee in place that gives them some extra peace of mind, if it's not met, it's not legally binding that you have to provide that guarantee and Google know about this more than any other as they see that going on all the time. Even though you are a man of your word, and your business stands on its morals, Google paints everyone with the same tar brush when it comes to this as it's not something they have the man hours to handle looking into in more detail for each individual business. They just take a one swipe covers all action lol.

Anyway, thanks for the insightful reading, and it's cool that you're getting on okay with Bing Ads. I might give them a go soon myself and may pick axe your brain on that when I do, should I need to, so prepare yourself for that lol Posting reviews on your own website.  Do you do it?


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You are making sense... Thanks for the information update.

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I think sponsored reviews do make sense. And they have potential to make some good money however there needs to be lot of understanding for the topic. And also we have to learn when to use links. And we have to only use the links at thaat time. I think that should let you manage the reviews much better. Also having FTC disclosure at the bottom does make sense. I am trying that on my blog.

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When I am publishing reviews on my own website, I will always look for genuine reviews, the reviews written by satisfied customers, I will never publish negative reviews though. I have written fake reviews for my clients, these reviews was 5 star review even if I did not like the product or service, or never used the product or service. I wrote these reviews because I was paid for writing these reviews.
However, on my website I will never author the page that is ideally meant for customers to write that they think about the product or service.

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I don’t get the logic why you need to write a review of your own site and post it on your site. Pardon me but it doesn’t make sense to me. The better way would be to post a review but using another profile so it will appear to be a review made by another person. That way, there will be no complications as far as the SEO is concerned since it is not you who posted the review. I know that the internet is full of oddity but we always have to think well and be on the right path.

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