Normal HDD hosting vs SSD hosting

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Normal HDD hosting vs SSD hosting

What you prefer for your hosting? Normal HDD hosting or SSD hosting. With SSD hosting your website loads faster than with normal HDD hosting. If you have used SSD in your laptop or desktop, then you can feel how it will benefit you. Normal HDD have speed around 100MB/s and for SSD it is 500MB/s. But other things also matter to speed up your website like network capability & other hardware features of your hosting, caching, website optimization, etc.


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Its easy now a days everybody will choice SDD option. HDD stands for hard disk drive where you can buy a hdd from 50 gb to 4tb. Here website data stores on hdd and in this case website performence is slow . On the other hand sdd stands for solid state drive and here data stores on microchips. Here data transfer speed is very fast like a 5x more speed from hdd section.

Now a days by my opinion SDD is some more costly but suggested.


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On my new blog got myself an SSD hosting package. Don't know for sure it make any difference but overall it isn't a bad thing if you ask me. There is a new trend in town and every hosting company now offers SSD hosting with very little differences in terms of cost compared with classic HDD hosting. So yeah, if the price difference isn't that big, always go for the SSD.

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SSD is the way to go with hosting. Because like you said a SSD is about 5 times faster than a traditional hard drive. And this day and age everything is about speed. People do not want to have to sit around and wait for your website to load. And you're more likely to lose visitors that way.

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Pardon me if this comment sounds dumb but I am greatly surprised to know that there is an SSD hosting already. I hope I understand it clearly that what you mean by HDD and SSD is the hard disk drive and solid state drive respectively. Anyway, I am in the hunt for information on SSD from the users of their experience because we have plans of buying SSD for our desktop. We were attracted to SSD because of the feature that it is just like the SD card of the phone that has no moving parts. Anyway, I hope you can elaborate more on the hosting that uses SSD.

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