Do you actually need an SSL for your website?

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Do you actually need an SSL for your website?

So do you really need an SSL on your website? Well there are a few different battles going on when it comes to an SSL, and a few people are actually right lol. I'm going to go over what my findings have been and I'd love to hear what you have to say about it Do you actually need an SSL for your website?

What is an SSL?
An SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer. This basically helps you secure your website from people hacking or logging in then hacking your database of customers. Have you ever seen in the news when a company was hacked and sensitive information was stolen like credit card info, names, addresses, etc? Well that's what an SSL is there to prevent, or at the very least make it much more difficult for good hackers to get in and steal information.

Do I need an SSL for my website?
That really depends on what kind of website you're running. If you have an eCommerce website I would say to have one added to your pages so that you get an added layer of security for your clients. Even if you're running your payments through paypal or shopify, I would have an SSL set up on my pages so that my visitors were more at ease giving out their credit card information. Not everyone is going to be as trusted as Amazon or Ebay, so put an SSL on there to show them you care about their safety. The little lock that shows up in the address bar will help increase your sales. You may only make a few more sales than normal, but those buyers could come back time after time and put in bigger orders each time. You don't really know how much money you're leaving on the table until you test it out.

How much does an SSL cost?
An SSL use to be pretty expensive 5 or 6 years ago. I remember people were paying $250 a year for a 356 bit encrypted SSL for their websites and now you can get one for free with certain hosting providers lol Do you actually need an SSL for your website? If your system doesn't come with a free SSL you can still probably get a good one for less than $50 a year, which is a great price compared to $250+ Do you actually need an SSL for your website?

Do I need an SSL if I don't sell anything?
I would say yes to this because people want to feel secure on your website even if they're just logging in. Hell, they'll want to see that your website is secure if you don't even allow them to login. Think of an SSL as a big warm hug that you're giving to your visitors, everyone likes big warm hugs, and the people who say they don't are just liars! lol.

Do you use SSLs for your websites?
I most definitely do use SSLs for my main money websites, but I do not use them on my tier 1 buffer websites or PBNs (private blog networks). I use them on my main money websites for obvious reasons but I don't use them on everything else because if I had to pay $50 a year for an SSL I'd go broke really quick. Having an SSL on a PBN is pretty pointless since it's sole purpose is just to send SEO juice to your main money website. You're treating your tier 1 links different than you would your main money websites. But if you have the bank roll to pay for SSLs on your tier 1 high quality links, then go for it, but I think you're just going to waste your money.

In conclusion, I think you should get an SSL if you plan on running your website as an authority or if you sell anything even if you don't collect credit card information yourself. Show your users that there is an added layer of security to put them at ease, even if it doesn't really do anything lol.

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Hello Razzy
Have a wonderful day.

Thank you very much for giving us huge and huge information about SSL. Its yrue that SSL prevents all types of hackers from your website. Without SSL service website get hack easily. From my experience I have seen all popular website have SSL facility. So its necessary for every website owner.

Thanks Razzy for giving moredetails about SSL.


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Every website needs an SSL nowadays. Since Chrome and Google decided to shame non-HTTPS websites you always will need an SSL. Even if you don't plan to have any transactions on your websites. SSLs are also a new ranking factor to Google, so yeah, there is a small SEO benefit to having an SSL. If you have a content blog or website, go for the cheapest SSL, trust me it will do.
Also, there are a couple free SSLs out there that can work just fine, I've seen some pretty big websites using them.

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Thank you for the comprehensive explanation on the mechanics of SSL. At first I was confused but now I understand the main function of SSL which is a secure socket layer that works like another firewall as protection against hacking. With SSL, my question is this – is a site with SSL be using the HTTPS as an indication for being secured? Pardon me if my question is out of range.

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Yeah, any site that has got the HTTPS simply means that the site is a bit secured. The thing is that most of those sites are also good when you are looking to buy things since you are going to feel at ease giving out your details on such website as well.

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Ensuring that the website is secured with SSL is soomething that is essential while some website owners always think that it is something that is not necessary. As long as the website demand for visitors to make a purchase, having some form of security is always essential on that front.

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