SEO is Dead! Let people keep spreading that rumor.

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SEO is Dead! Let people keep spreading that rumor.

SEO is Dead! How many times have you heard that? It's likely from some "guru" preaching their findings saying that "SEO is Dead" and then they go on to explain why they think so. I think it's just click bait getting everyone to come in and comment, just like the title of this discussion... Did you get drawn in to read something about how I think that everyone needs to move on to a new method in order to rank higher in the SERPs? Well that's what a lot of people do, but they try to sell you something lol.

So is SEO going to die in the future?
Well I can't say for sure if it will stay around forever because I don't own any of the search engines. I'm just a small internet marketer trying to abuse the SERPs in order to obtain traffic, and in the end, some sales. SEO has been around since the dawn of a website and doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

SEO is dead, my websites are not ranked!
Well your websites probably aren't ranked because you f*cked something up and now you have a nice little penalty dished out by Google, Yahoo! and/or Bing lol. You need to be nice to your website when building links and the search engines will grant you the gift of higher rankings. They will send delicious website traffic to you which is super targeted based on the content of your website if you do it right. If you do it wrong, like the people who always b*tch about their rankings, you will just open a discussion later on and complain.

SEO is ever evolving, not headed towards the light.
When I started working on websites back in 2003 you could do very little in order to rank a website. If you did a little bit of manual work and got a few links on high PR websites, you could rank for almost anything. It was even easier in the mid to late 90's when you could just run some software to build 1,000,000 profile links aimed at your homepage and rank for literally any keyword lol. Now you have to be more strategic and legitimate because dumb blackhat methods may work at first, but won't help in the long run if you get caught. You'll be blacklisted along with your blackhat techniques. And when I say "blackhat" I don't mean that you used some software in order to build links.

But (insert Guru Name) said it IS dead!
Well that "guru" might be saying that to pull in his or her minions so that he/she can sell them a product on why he/she thinks so. Hell, that "guru" may even try to pitch a "New" SEO method in order to help you get ranked. Be careful of "gurus" and the sh*t they spread. There are a few well known people out there that I do follow, but not many SEO is Dead!  Let people keep spreading that rumor.

Why do you say "Let people spread that rumor"?
I say that you should let people spread the rumor that SEO is Dead because it just makes my job easier SEO is Dead!  Let people keep spreading that rumor. If more people bow out of the SEO game it just means less competition for me from other SEO companies trying to catch a big fish (company) and it will also be easier for me to rank my websites for my niches because some people will stop their SEO completely after they read an article from JohnBob9384 on SEO is Dead!  Let people keep spreading that rumor.

In conclusion, let people keep talking about how SEO is Dead because it will only help us in the long run. Whenever you see someone actually talking about how they think SEO is Dead, chime in and say they're completely right SEO is Dead!  Let people keep spreading that rumor.

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Yet another excellent read Razzy, I'am not no expert in seo but I am getting good at the basics and am still learning as you can never have enough skills. Well we never stop learning should I say. This post was a gread read and enjoy reading your posts and I do think your posts will help others for example me .

Can I ask a simple question . When people say on site seo and placing h tags and alt images and so on. Well what if one of your sites is made from script php. As for blogs and websites you can alter anything really but one of my main websites is made from a php script which I paid for and installed to my server and domain.
Just wondered what people would do with seo when that's the case.

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I'm horrible at programming so I usually have my programmer do that stuff for me lol SEO is Dead!  Let people keep spreading that rumor.

If I have the spare funds I'll have him program something quickly so that I can just do that from within a dashboard on each page so he doesn't have to. Right now we have a decent set up that he can just upload into the script and it will work just fine, but he has to tweak stuff to get it to work just right since every script is different.

I would say to contact a programmer who has a service listed here on SEOclerks and see if they can do something like this for you. Usually it's pretty cheap if you just have them go in and optimize your on page stuff. If they need to program and design an add on to your dashboard it could cost a little more, but it won't break the bank lol.

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This is a great post Razzy and I really can not agree with you enough. I can't begin to count how many times I have heard someone say that SEO is dead before they have written a full paragraph on why they feel it is dead. Usually it is because they are not getting the results they want within a short space of time so their theory is that it is dead and we should not bother with it.

Do I see SEO dying any time soon? That I can not give a solid answer to, all I do know is that SEO still works for me. I don't expect results over night because I know for SEO to work it takes longer than a few hours and a lot of work. For those who believe it has died, I would just let them believe that because in the end they are losing out by giving up and believing it has died whilst the others can take advantage of the fact it does still work!

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People claim SEO is dead ever since I first heard of SEO and that was about 10 years ago. No SEO is not dead and as long as we will have any kind of search engine or search features that people use to find other websites or specific information SEO and people doing SEO will still remain relevant. There will always be ways to do it the right way.

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With the way things are going with SEO, that rumor about SEO being dead is clearly just a rumor. Just last week, I saw on the evening news the interview of 2 SEO specialists who were trying to inspire people to be SEO specialists because SEO is the next big thing this year. And even if I don’t believe in them, I can see the writings on the wall that SEO is all over the internet. In fact, there are so many websites with SEO attached to their website name and description. So I guess it is really just a rumor.

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