Copycat websites and what they are all about.

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Copycat websites and what they are all about.

Everyone has seen these copycat websites that are pushing almost the same content around online as their competitor. It may not be exactly the same content, it will most likely be unique, but it's the same topic along with extremely similar points within the content. These types of websites are all over the place and do well in terms of traffic and possibly sales (because of the traffic).

So why do you see all of these copycat websites?
You're seeing a bunch of copycat websites because the pioneer website actually did something no one else thought of and now people want to cash in on the same opportunity. These copycat websites will watch the main website like a hawk and rewrite major posts the main site is putting up. I've even heard that these copycat websites set up alerts to notify the webmaster when the main website has made a post. Talk about being a stalker lmao Copycat websites and what they are all about. The reason they have the alerts set up is because they want to get similar content up and running in order to possibly get seen as the pioneer of that post. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes the copycat site gets recognition as the Original Poster.

Why would someone do this?
They do this because they don't really have an original idea in their head and they have to piggy back off of someones success. These are more than likely the people you'll see in forums that will want to be spoon fed a technique to make money even if all the points are laid out for them. They are simply trying to siphon the traffic from the main pioneer website in order to get clicks on their ads, increase their email list or make a sale through an affiliate link.

Is it moral?
Well I can't say it's not immoral because these copycat websites usually don't talk bad about the pioneer website. They'll usually avoid talking about the pioneer website at all costs except for when someone calls them out on social media or an open forum saying they're just copycats. And even when they get called out, they tend to be professional and say that the pioneer website has great content and that they too have similar posts which aren't uncommon in the industry. They basically say that there's a ton of content out there and everyone can post what they want lol. But then you get the random webmasters that don't know how to be professional and just get a case of rage when they're called out Copycat websites and what they are all about.

How do I know if I am looking at a Copycat website?
Well it's pretty tough to tell because of the amount of content there is online. The copycat will usually have a massive amount of content on their website which is almost identical to the pioneer site, but it's difficult to find the content on both sites Copycat websites and what they are all about. If you do think that one of the websites you frequent is a copycat to another, you can simply compare them through the wayback machine to see which one came first. Obviously the one that is older will be the pioneer Copycat websites and what they are all about.

  • So what do you think of Copycat websites?
  • Have you ever come across one?

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Copycat websites are hard to identity from the original, but if you read their content, you will be able to identity it.
usually the original website mention their stuff like progress,new features and products,etc. but the copycat website will never do that....
it is always good it make sure the website is original before buying anything from them, sometimes you may loose ypur money or get a low quality service or product.....
so watch out for fakes..... lol

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A lot of the time people will get caught out but copycat websites, they are not easy to recognise meaning that people can easily get fooled thinking they are the genuine site. A lot of copycat websites are sometimes scam websites where they will pull people in making them think they are the genuine website however they are not. Some of the ways to tell are by looking for specific things such as updates on their websites, new things coming soon. A lot of the time though when we see something that catches our eye we forget to look for those kind of things to see if the site is genuine or not and that is how we get caught off guard.

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I think there are many copycat and clone websites out there. You can see that such websites have very bad content. And often the content is copied too. I know many such sites which had their share of the content being copied by others. And such syndication is what making them money. I think such copycat sites need to be removed. But google has no control over them they can only filter the search results.

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I am also wondering why there are copycats like that who are actually stalkers of a good website. Maybe their idea is to ride with the contents of the good website and copying is the best way to ride. But on the moral side, isn’t it easy to realize that copying is immoral and also illegal? By doing the spying and copying from that good website, I guess it is easier to put the effort in creating your own content. At least it is original and who knows if your content is better than the contents of that good website.

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