The beauty of a dropshipping website.

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The beauty of a dropshipping website.

For those of you who don't know what dropshipping is, it's when you set up a website to sell products that you don't own and when you make a sale it's sent to your client under your name or business name from the product owner or manufacturer. It's a pretty awesome concept for people who don't have their own items but want to sell a physical product. I actually started off dropshipping in 2003 and I didn't make much, I actually didn't make anything lol. I fell in love with the idea, but I didn't have the knowledge in order to run a successful dropshipping website. Today I decided I wanted to start back up with a dropshipping website to test some things out and see what I could do.

Why would you dropship?
Dropshipping is more enticing to some people because they don't want to manage a load of items because sometimes that can get pretty hectic. If you've ever had a 9 to 5 job that sold something, you've more than likely had to do inventory and you know as well as I do that it's extremely boring and you can screw up pretty easily lol. Another enticing thing about dropshipping is that you don't have to make or create a product of your own in order to make a sale. You simply add the product to your website and when you get a sale you purchase it through the company you're working with and they send it to the client, it's pretty awesome when it works The beauty of a dropshipping website.

Is it easy?
Well that depends on your definition of "easy". With my level of knowledge I can get a website set up and populate it with hundreds of items in one day and have it ready for marketing and sales the next. Now I'm not your normal online marketer since I've been working online full time for a while. If you're just starting out I would say that this isn't always going to be the easiest thing to do since you don't know everything there is to know when it comes to marketing, SEO, design, etc. There are some systems out there that will allow you to pull products from their inventory and increase the price, but you usually have to run through their system and you don't have a ton of freedom, but at least it's a start and you can begin learning The beauty of a dropshipping website.

What do you use to source items?
I personally like using AliExpress and AliBaba because I can find pretty cheap products before they get purchased for resale by US companies. How many times have you bought something from a store and it says "Made in China"? Well I'm simply cutting out the middle man, the store, and I'm going right to the manufacturer that is on AliExpress or AliBaba. I start off using AliExpress because I can buy a single piece unlike on AliBaba where you have to purchase a lot of items at once in order to get the best discount. Alibaba definitely has better prices per piece if you can afford to order 100 at a time, but even then, are you going to be able to sell all 100 of those to make the savings relevant?

What setup do you use?
I prefer using Wordpress + WooCommerce as my main setup because I've gotten so use to it and my knowledge of Wordpress is better than most. I have tried using Shopify but I don't like how I'm sort of restricted when it comes to emailing and design. With Wordpress I can get a very customized website with an eCommerce section using WooCommerce. With Shopify I have to do what they say, and that's why I think they are better for newer webmasters who are just starting out. You save more money when using Wordpress + WooCommerce but you need to know a lot more in order to set it up. Shopify is more user friendly because you just have to point and click lol.

How much can I make?
How much you make is totally dependent on how much time you put into this. If you think you're just going to set this up and let it run for 6 months and collect profits, you're completely wrong. You'll need to log in everyday to check your sales and make sure that you answer all of your potential clients emails. If you can set something up so that you can have a chat system that you can use through your phone that responds to people on your website, it will make it 100x easier.

If you try this, be sure to do extensive research on your niche, products, design, etc. before you go ahead and start. If you invest 100 hours setting everything up and marketing but end up losing money each day, you're not going to be happy. Do the research in order to be successful and don't take chances. Now go out there and do some research lol The beauty of a dropshipping website.

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I remember a few years back I looked into dropshipping, did thorough research on what I would need, the best ways to advertise and promote once I had a site in place and products ready to sell however the problem I hit was where the best place would be to get my products. Everywhere I went I would run into sites that had bad reviews which put me off. After a while of looking at numerous sites and not finding a solid one that I knew would work and would be trustworthy enough I gave up with the idea and moved on to other ideas.

Dropshipping is a great idea if you can find trustworthy sites and you have the time and dedication to put into it. It has no quick success stories and often you can be selling for years before you see a huge profit. It's about having patience and realising that good things will come eventually through hard work a perseverance.

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I think dropshipping is definitely profitable. Though not sure how much time it takes to make profit. But initial amount for the dropshipping does have some limit. And based on investment we are going to get some returns. so all that depends on how we manage it. I am thinking about starting small accessories shop. and going to build above that. hopefully it works out that way for sure.

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We experimented with drop shipping. If you are a newbie Internet marketer, this is not for you unless you've educated yourself thoroughly. Otherwise, you will waste your money and your time. But if I decide to give it another try and find a niche, AliExpress and AliBaba, are the ones I'll look into first.

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From what I see with my friends in the social media, dropshipping is now very popular because of the simple mechanics. All you need is to source out a supplier who will handle the delivery and that’s it. Build a website to project a store-like design that contains the products you are selling. And you can promote your website in social media as well. Just make sure that your supplier is legit and up to par when it comes to quality and delivery.

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People are really into dropshipping now because of this beauty of just connecting a buyer to a seller for a profit, you didn't need your goods or need to arrange for shipping, just get customers and your job is done. it a great way of making money if one is knowledge in it.

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I have not done dropshipping yet, however, I think it is better to start dropshipping business rather than direct selling. If you want to direct sell, you need to procure products and this cost a lot of money. However, if you are doing dropshipping you don't have to spend a dime on procurement. You take orders, but the dropshipping company will do the rest of the work.

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