what are the disadvantages of free domains and hosting

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what are the disadvantages of free domains and hosting

You can get a free domain and hosting and put up a site without any cost.
000webhost? is one of the free best hosting sites, it allows ftp,email,and database facilities.... it almost allow everything, but as it is free it has limitations , like maximum two sites , two databases...

So what are the disadvantages of using free domains and hosting???


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The downside of having a free domain and hosting is that you don't have complete control over it. The domain isn't a huge deal because you can usually pick whatever you want as long as it's available. The hosting is usually limited because it's free and you can't do much. The bandwidth of a free hosting plan is usually ***unlimited*** but that just means when you get too much traffic they will make you pay them lol. Just remember, bandwidth isn't free so you'll be using up their money if you get too much traffic, and no company likes that ;) Another bad thing about free website hosting is that you always have ads popping up on your website or a bunch of footer links from the hosting company's advertisers. This will only make your company look like a lower quality one and result in less sales.

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There are a lot of disadvantages of using free domains and hosting, the first is that you do not have complete control over any of it, you only get minimal control meaning you are limited to what you can do compared to what you would have with paid hosting or domain names. Another is the amount of space and bandwidth you are given, as much as some free hosting places will give you a decent amount you may find at a later date that it just isn't enough leaving you with a problem you have to solve on whether you want to move to paid hosting, if you can.

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Just like Razzy said really in that free hosting usually means your website has ads on it put up by the free host as part of their terms and conditions to actually giving you that free hosting plan in the first place. And of course, they (most) only provide so much disk space and bandwidth and if you run out of either you will either have to pay to get more or your site will be taken offline with a message saying no website exists here because the webmaster never paid the bill or ran out of bandwidth. Usually the latter.

But that's never what you want your website's visitors to see! For this reason you should try to avoid free hosting. If you want your website/business to be taken seriously. These days, there is no need for free hosting when you can get a good paid hosting plan for a very affordable price that even those on a small budget can make use of without it breaking the bank!

The trick is to make enough money with your website to pay for its hosting for many years in advance (both web hosting and domain hosting) and then have enough left over to spend on SEO/SMO etc and then have some left over to put back into the site in other ways. And some left over to buy yourself some jelly babies. what are the disadvantages of free domains and hosting

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Free domains from the sites are usually good if they can be ported to other hosting. I have had trouble with that on the arvixe side. So I'd not recommend host that gives free stuff. Because no matter what you do there is going to be a catch. And it puts burden on both the host and the user. So it's better to pay for the things that you need. And for this I pay for the hosting and the domains.

I have noticed that hosting is usually good in many ways if it's cheap on the bandwidth side. If they are charging more for bandwidth then stick with the free hosting. I used free hosting for many years. And eventually moved to the paid hosting options there.

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From what I have seen with free hosting are the myriads of ads that populate not only your homepage but including the inner pages. I remember one site that has an ad of a sex enhancing pill which is not appropriate for a site with a wholesome niche. And I understand the situation simply because it is for free and that inappropriate ad is the price you pay. So I guess it is better to invest in a paid hosting than avail of free hosting that you have no control of.

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