How to beat your competition in the SERPs?

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How to beat your competition in the SERPs?

About 90% of the people that search for a particular keyword in Google or any other Search Engines visit only the top 3 results displayed on the first page of the search results. Then they would simply search for another keyword if they don’t find what they were looking for.

So the question is how can you go to the top results to get the maximum traffic? Obviously, more traffic means more money. And by applying this simple trick you can do it quite easily.

Suppose, you are on the second page or on the last of the first page then what can you do to outrank your competition and get in that top three which gets the maximum amount of traffic?

Well, firstly I would like to say that your On-page optimization must be better than your competition. You must have a better content than the others or else this method may not prove to be that much effective for you. Because “Content is the king”.

So, if you have done your On-page optimization correctly like using the keyword effectively on your content, using meta tags etc.

And also your basic Off page optimization like creating backlinks, social bookmarks etc.). Then you can apply this technique.

So, here it goes-

First,you have to do keyword research.

Find the top 10 keywords that for which you want to compete and just do a simple Google search and find your top competitors.

Make a list of all your competitors- only the top three to five in each search.

Next step is removing your bad links (spammy links or the links that you got from low quality sites).
Then you have to use a software called SEO spyglass (free trial available which can perform limited searches, but works quite well).There you have to just put all the URL of all your competitors one by one and find the high quality powerful backlinks which are helping them rank high in the search engines.

Then just go to those sites and brainstorm and think how they have got those backlinks – like some guest post, blog commenting or any other way.

You repeat the same process and get all those powerful backlinks. And in a few days, you will surely outrank them if your content is better or almost as good as your competitor.

Hope this has helped you.


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Aha! Yes, this method is pure genius as well as so obvious but also so overlooked and underrated and underused for that reason too! Mostly because most people don't know how to think like this and do this sort of thing. And because they just think it's a lot of work and would rather just pay someone to do SEO for them lol. But you can pay someone to do this for you too! (Actually - it would make a great service to provide and sell on here!). But when launching a new site, or when doing SEO on an old site, this is a method that I use to get the same backlinks as my competitors have. And for the most part, it's not actually that much work and isn't that hard to do. You might not be able to get all of the same backlinks as sometimes websites have backlinks on sites that you just can't get a link on yourself. You can try but usually they have deals with those sites in some way that you don't have.

Still though, you can earn yourself some good backlinks in this way and get those same backlinks that your competitors sites have which can help your site to rank higher, or as high as them. But like you've said, it's essential and important to do the on-page SEO as well. Whether that means optimizing your site for Search Engines and through just having tons of great content. All of which, fortunately can be done through SEOCLerks. How to beat your competition in the SERPs?

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In order to beat your competition in the SERP...
Your website needs to generate more traffic than your competitor
Your website should have better design
Your website should have better loading speed
Your website should have better backlinks
Your website should have better contents
Your website should have more social signals

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My take on the issue of beating your competitors in the search list is good content. I believe that if you will be uploading good contents to your site at least 3 times a week then you can get increased ranking from the search engines mainly because of the freshness of your site. And you can get much more benefit if you will tag the new contents with effective keywords.

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