Top factors for ranking on Search Engines

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Top factors for ranking on Search Engines

According to a site called Seachmetrics, there are many ranking factors in search engines-Top factors for ranking on Search Engines

First and the most important of them all is the content. The phrase “content is the real king” is indeed true. Your content must be relevant to a specific keyword. It must provide value to its readers. You must use the keywords in the headings, first line and the last line very cleverly. Don’t use one keyword more than once in a heading. You must also avoid the use of more than one H1 tag. Next is the word count- your content must not be less than 400 words. Make it as lengthy and useful as possible for the readers because it will increase your chances of getting ranked because you will be providing quality content to the readers.

Next factor is the user signals. You must try to increase your CTR by using tempting meta descriptions for your site. For increasing the time spent on your site try to use internal linking on your site wherever possible. This will also help to decrease your bounce rate.

Then in the technical factors- your site must be secured and have https instead of http. Google loves it and will trust your site more than the others. As I have said earlier, you must not use more than one H1 tag on your page and not too many H2 and H3 tags. Try to improve your site speed by using good web hosting and also compress your images before uploading them. This is one of the major factors in 2017.

User experience-Your site must have good typography. Use simple readable fonts. Use relevant images and videos wherever possible. Integrate useful and relevant YouTube videos relevant to your content. Use internal and external links which are relevant to your content. But don’t use too much internal linking because the users can get frustrated and this can increase your bounce rate.

The most important factor for SEO in 2017 is surely the social signals. Social signals means the number of shares, likes, tweets or mentions your site got from the social media. Google will surely rank a site which is very popular on the social media. So, try to share your site on facebook, twitter , google+ and wherever you can. Make a page for your site on the different social media sites.

Last but the most important factor is obviously the backlinks. Try to build backlinks from only high PR and DA sites because backlinks are always about “quality” than “quantity”. Also the EDU and GOV backlinks are very important and very powerful. It will signal the search engines that your site is very important because it associated with the government or any educational institution.


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What a brilliant well set out post thank you for sharing this with us all. This is something I need to work towards for my website and goals . I recently bought a expired domain which as got over a 1000s of alexa backlinks which need boosting. Someone once told me not sure if it is true but should we ping our backlinks . I just been meaning to ask this for sometime. Is this something you hear about and should we or could we do this.

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Oh yes, many many ranking factors, and those are really only the ones we know about! The true amount of ranking factors and what they are are actually kept hidden and under close wraps as highly secret as though they're locked in a safe that's guarded by ninjas! Lol but for obvious reasons because if people knew just what all the actual ranking factors were, and or how all the algorithms truly worked, it would be much easier to rank a website up high in the SERPS. However we can induce from what we know what we need to do that. We know that it comes down to good on-page SEO, having a great website that is an authority site with high authority backlinks and wide and diverse backlink portfolio too for that matter. That and social signals as well which we know for sure now are 100% taken into consideration by Search Engines when ranking a website today.

It's a great share that you've done and I'm really liking your posts to the FAQ lately! I'm looking forward to reading more from you as you seem to be quite knowledgeable and I look forward to reading and learning more from you in the coming weeks, and months, and years ahead! Top factors for ranking on Search Engines


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Thank you for sharing this information, but I still think the core of ranking your niche or content on Google is your unique niche and use of real useful keywords. All we need to do an actual research for it and find a niche suitable to share with people over the internet.

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Content is one of the most important Google ranking factors, according to Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at
Google. This shouldn’t be news — content has been an important ranking factor for a while — but in recent years, we’ve seen a shift away from keyword-focused content towards more relevant content written in natural language.

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Thanks for mentioning that the content is king because that is my rule of law when it comes to SEO work. The first priority of work is the uploading of content that was created from an original idea and not copied from any other source in the internet. Of course, the content should be relevant to the niche and better if it is well-written with no errors in spelling and grammar.

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There are many factor to rank your website on search engine,URL, H1 heading, alt tag,external and internal linking,content ,footer so many more... Content is also main factor for ranking your website on search engine. It should be unique ,user friendly and in your content no grammatical mistake is their.

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