Merch by Amazon update - I'm a little frustrated.

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Merch by Amazon update - I'm a little frustrated.

Merch by Amazon is an amazing system for uploading your own designs and making a royalty for each sale. With Merch by Amazon you can set your own pricing so that you can make $0.01 per sale or $100 per sale (not likely). But recently they have been tweaking things and how you can work with their system.

Everything started happening just before Christmas in 2016 when they froze all design uploads and you were basically in design purgatory lol. This really sucked because I had 50 ugly sweater designs in the works and I needed to upload them. I finally got all of my designs, but the upload feature was already frozen for around 24 to 48 hours. I was sooooo close to getting all of my designs uploaded for the Christmas season and now it was just a waste of money Merch by Amazon update - I

The only good thing about this freeze is that if you had a bunch of designs already uploaded, they were still there and people browsing could purchase any of them if they wanted. I didn't have many designs uploaded at the time so my profits were still in the sh*tter lol. I have friends who have over 800 designs uploaded and make sales each week, and that's how I learned about this marvelous system. They didn't mind too much because they didn't have as much competition for the few months during the freeze and their profits stayed the same.

Now that Merch by Amazon is coming back and opening accounts, you can now begin to upload your designs. The downside to this is that you can only upload 2 DESIGNS PER DAY!!!!! So to upload my 50 CHRISTMAS DESIGNS it will take me 25 days!!!!!! During the freeze I had my designer make around 100 more designs so I could upload them when my account was unfrozen.... So not it will take me over 2 months to get all of these designs uploaded, and that's if I am diligent and get online every day for at least 30 minutes to upload all of these damn things Merch by Amazon update - I It will pay off in the long run, but I had a taste of freedom when I could upload as many designs as I wanted before the freeze and now I just get a small taste of glory lol.

It takes a while to get accepted into the Merch program, so I'm grateful that I was accepted about a year ago. I'm just a bit upset that I had these grand plans of getting all my designs uploaded and now it's going to take me over 2 months if I don't have my designer work on anything else Merch by Amazon update - I Oh, and if you design doesn't sell within 60 days it's removed from the marketplace Merch by Amazon update - I

Well, that's my gripe with Merch by Amazon right now. They did this because they are trying to keep up with demand and can only do so much. So limiting the design uploads will let them stay on top of orders. But I'm sad that I wasted money on Christmas designs and now have to upload everything 2 per day Merch by Amazon update - I

- Razzy


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Ohh, I remember when you posted about this, or when this was posted about on here last year. And I did sign up but didn't do much with it myself back then. I got a new computer so all my passwords for my Amazon account etc needed resetting. I've just tried to reset it again using the forgot password link, but for some reason, they aren't sending me the password reset confirmation link. I've done it twice today and it still hasn't come. A stranger thing is, I've just logged into the email account I'm using with it and I have an email from Amazon Merch telling me to enter my tax and banking info. And I would do that if I could actually get access to my Amazon account lol

Update, my bad, my help if I knew how to use my email account properly lol.. Apparently some emails were hidden from view as "Other emails". Anyway, I will definitely look into Merch a little more and see if I can get some designs up! I was actually thinking about uploading some classic meme's to it but I see they have a new "Copycat detection" feature. According to the FAQ it's more for if you're blatantly trying to rip of someone's else's work so perhaps I might be alright with that.

But so yeah, it looks like I've been accepted, I just gotta enter my tax and banking info and then I should be good to go!

BTW, on my Manage page it says "You currently have 0 products live and 5 new submissions remaining for the day". So I'm guessing, I can upload 5 submissions a day and not 2.

And it also says "You will be able to sell up to 10 different t-shirt designs at any one time.". What does that mean exactly? That I can only list 10 t-shirt designs in total?

Anyway, it's a learning curve and nothing might come of it but you never know so you have to keep pushing eh? Merch by Amazon update - I

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Hello, I recently started with Amazon merch program last month. I have only sold four tees so far and I have high hopes for the program. Problem is they only allow me to submit 10 designs. How many must I sell in order to upload more?
Here are the ones I have created so far. My Cool Amazon T-Shirts

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You just need to sell 10 shirts to move up to the next tier, which will give you 25. You'll then be able to upload 2 per day until you get to 25.

After that, you'll need to get to 25 sales to be eligible to tier up again. Amazon handpicks the accounts to move up based on quality so it's not a guarantee.

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