How To Rank in YouTube Tutorial

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How To Rank in YouTube Tutorial

Are you uploading videos to YouTube With NO LUCK!
Well fellow these quick tips to boost views and more ranking on YouTube. Some may not agree with these but they work for me on a daily basis . Honest I am ranking for easy keywords in YouTube.

Before You try the following for this you will need Google Chrome Toolbar TubeBuddy Install? it and carry on .

Firstly try do seo on your videos good tip before uploading video is rename the file the same name as the title of your youtube video. Also type up a good description with the video also try to mention the main keyword a number of times just don't go over board.

Now You have uploaded and done title , description now is the tags. This is where tube buddy comes in to play. This is free to use they have options to upgrade but really you do not need to upgrade . Make sure you click the tubebuddy extension link it with your YouTube. Now the great bit before we go into the next part where you will put your tags in let me explain what tubebuddy can do .

Tube buddy is brilliant tool, For example now that you linked this to your channel go on YouTube search . Now the video you uploaded type the keyword in to search, You see the results load you wont see your video straight away. But click on any video which is related to your video topic (Niche) make sure you click on one with tons of views.

Now the video will load do you notice on this persons video now underneath where description is you can see secret options. Like stats and tags this shows You what tags they are using click it .
When its loaded you see numbers next to the tags this is the tags they are using for there keywords and shows you with the number for example 4 you see this means there video is 4th position in YouTube search results.

So now if this video is related to YOUR video and only if it is then near tags you see a copy button. Click copy and then go to video manager edit your video and paste the tags in the tags section. And after that also click suggest and it will suggest tags for you to use. Save it all and just wait a while . Try sharing your video now and boost views a little bit. Try use social exchange site and get free likes just so it pushes it a little bit. You wont need many as it will slowly start to rank.

Give it few hours and keep checking back by going on your video and clicking tags and see if you have numbers next to your tags. If not then try adding to you description and make sure you have the tags scatterd around you description so it looks like it is real and sentences not just thrown in like , social, network, twitter. If you have tags like these when you put them in your description try make it look as tho they fall into place like : Try out the top social marketing tips and tricks for social networks such as twitter and pinterest and many more. Like that so it doesn't look spammy.

Also great idea Keywords tags in title . Anyway try this and keep checking your video at times and you will see results . Good luck How To Rank in YouTube Tutorial enjoy


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Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Personally, I think one of the main factors in ranking on Youtube search is how the users are interacting with your content. If people don't really watch your videos and just bounce after a few second Youtube will take notice of that and rank you accordantly.

Here it is, one of the best video tutorials about SEO on youtube and how to rank.

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I've never heard of TubeBuddy before but it sounds useful, so I've installed it in my Chrome browser. I hope the learning curve isn't going to be too steep.

I'll be back to reread your tutorial when I've worked out how to use it. When it comes to YouTube I've really got a lot to learn.

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Same here, never knew about Tube Buddy until now. And also, I think that I need help using YouTube, not for watching the videos, but for uploading or using all the tools it has.
So far, I've see using the tags works really great, at least that is how my cousins get straight to what they're looking for, so adding those will make it easier to target the audience you are looking for.

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I have never heard about Tube Buddy before. I will definitely try to use this the next time I upload a video. Some of my videos have been able to get a good number of views while other videos that I consider to be really good have not really got that much views. Thank you for this great tutorial. I hope that this will help me on my next video.

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Thank you for sharing, although I've seen this tool a lot, it actually seems fine to me and this is actually perfect for all people working on YouTube that are struggling on some views. I'm actually planning on starting a YouTube channel and I'm currently in the process of learning all the things or tools I need and this post helps a lot. And also about the video tagging, I did a research about it and it seems an effective one.

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This is the first time that I’ve heard of TubeBuddy. We currently have a problem with our Youtube channel because of the new policy of Youtube. To be monetized, it is now required to have at least 1,000 subscribers and a certain number of viewing hours. That 1,000 subscribers is a big number and we are looking of ways on how to obtain subscribers. But it’s really difficult.

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