what is the best forum software available

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what is the best forum software available

Now it is really easy to start a forum for yourself, all you have to do is download and then upload the files to your host..... there is no more coding to do, all you have to do is follow the steps to set up the forum..
there are ready made themes which you can apply directly.Even the meta tags , additional coding is made easier with the admin control panel.
So even a person with a little knowledge about computer language can start and run a forum, but to make it successful you'll need hard work......

there are free forum software available , so get a start you can try them.
mybb , phpbb? are some of them.
you can try 000webhost? , which provide free hosting until you are confident enough to get paid hosting.
you can get free domains at


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I myself find that I prefer Xenforo over all other paid softwares, I like how easy it is to install and manage. It makes it so much easier to run a forum and with the features you have already built into Xenforo it's amazing software. When it comes to free software MyBB wins hands down every time for me. It's like Xenforo only free and is again really easy to manage and work with. I feel that if you are going to run a forum you need something that is easy to manage as well as easy for your members to navigate. With both MyBB and Xenforo you get all that.

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I'm guessing that XenForo, Invasion Power Board and Burning Board are the best. However, the free forum software packages can work just as well, but you might need a stronger tech background. Also, vBulletin is another popular paid forum software, but it had a bad reputation a few year's back and I don't know if it's recovered or not.

Anyway, among free forum software, a good one for newbies might be Simple Machines (SMF) because it has an uploader for banners, mods, and themes. That can be a huge help to a beginner.

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For me SimpleMachines forum definitely helps as it's free and easy to manage. I am not sure how many of us can use some of such features on expensive paid software. But SMF and PHPBB can be good enough. There is also myBB which is gaining more popularity. But so far SMF is taking the leads. Some of the forums which are using fluxbb are also inn demand but very few use it for sure.

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I prefer Xenforo over all the forum software out there. It's easy to use and renewal doesn't cost a arm and a leg. And there are thousands of mods out there. And I know its $140 and its kind of expensive for some people. But you have to ask yourself what's it worth to you? Do you want a rock solid and secure website that is simple to use? Or do you want to take your chances with free software and eventually be forced to upgrade to a paid software.

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