A great way to build twitter Followers

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A great way to build twitter Followers

?Build Your Twitter Followers Strategy

This works as I use this method my self. Best way to do this is use google chrome and firstly go on to the extensions of
google chrome and add the twitter follower here? . Once you have this I know this sounds simple but before you start using it make sure your happy with your account as in profile and bio description and also banner and profile picture.

Once your all set think of a good keyword to the niche your twitter is set to. For example I have a social exchange site and I have social exchange twitter to go with it so I will think of a good keyword for example Like4like as many use this phrase but if you like gaming search gaming.

Once you search your keyword search results will come back will all related to the keyword and hashtags. Now once it has brought back the results if you have installed and added the chrome twitter extension it should show on top right of your browser follow them all and also a unfollow them all.
Before you use this feature and your results have brought back a lot of members and also tweets related to your keyword.
Now click on people it will show you just the members now in your results when you click on the people option.
Look for a member who as the most followers for example I search for like4like and shows one member with over 100K of followers I would then click there profile and visit there page.

Here is the good part click on there followers it will load and show all this members followers . Now use your twitter google addon click follow them all.
Just leave it to do its job it will auto go down the list and follow all the members . Make sure you are doing it on someones profile who is niche related to your twitter profile for this to get great results.

Once it as followed as much as it can it will stop . Give it a day and you will notice you will have gained many followers back. So why should we follow there followers.
Simple the reason why all these members are following this member is because they are fans of the niche. Just like you would see a cookery profile for example all the members would be cooks or people interested in cooking. So that is why make sure you choose the right profile and remember click on the one with the most followers then go on there profile and then click on there followers and then use the follow them all with your google extension.

This works well it 100% works for me ... Just give it a try and let me know how you get on. Also try do this for at least 10 minutes each day doesn't take that long really. Give it a week and you will or should have a mass of followers.

After a week or so come back to it you may find you follow most members which ain't following you back. That is easy sorted
check out this tool free online and safe to use Managefilter ?this is brilliant and just choose free version this site allows you to unfollow the members which do not follow you back. It only allows you to unfollow so many members daily as it is free.

All these work honest I have tried it my self and still use this trick honest I wrote this guide my self as want to show you , You can do it in the past I bought followers but that doesn't work as good . When you get real nighe targeted followers to your twitter then you will get more traffic and likes, retweets when you tweet. Works and hope this guide helps A great way to build twitter Followers enjoy and good luck

Moneybags82 my real name is Kevin


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Thank you . I use this method on a daily basis and also works this method on other networks like pinterest and tumblr . Just on these sites you would have to manually follow members not have extension. Unless you use imacros on firefox to auto click for you.

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This seems like a really great way to increase followers. One thing that really is difficult is to gain genuine followers who are actually interested in what you share, without that you really do not have much at all.It seems really simple as well with it being an extension on Google Chrome which I use on a daily basis so it's not like I have to have something else installed on my PC.

Thanks for sharing Kevin!

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I did not know that Google Chrome had a twitter follower extension. Perhaps that is because I do not use Chrome much. My proven strategy to increase twitter follower is by following accounts and hoping for reciprocation (this works). If the person you followed did not follow back, you can always unfollow him. Another strategy to gain followers on twitter is by sharing your twitter link as a signature in your email or forums. You can also share your twitter link on other platforms and gain followers.

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One writer friend during a gathering said that Twitter is the simplest messaging system that can spread the message faster because of the method of retweeting. From what I understand, retweeting is similar to sharing an item on your timeline in Facebook. And one way of getting followers in Twitter is to retweet because you get a footprint of the original tweeter who is more likely popular. In other words, the people you follow on Twitter can cause to give you followers.

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