A good Way to gain Some Backlinks

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A good Way to gain Some Backlinks

Thought I would share this video with you all on getting backlinks . Many people gain backlinks easily now some struggle or are new to getting backlinks.
Also check out linkcollider this is a kind of social exchange link exchange site. Where daily you can traffic exchange earn points and use these points for other members to social signal like your site members can wordpress your website even tumblr post your site stumbleupon it and so much more you can even use your points to get backlinks in the backlinks section. Now here is a great video from A guy called lazyass stoner on youtube.


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Ohh yeah we was talking about him earlier. That guy, honestly, you got to hand it to him, and I'm not talking about a dooby either lol sure, he might like to sample Gods herb, but he certainly knows his stuff when it comes to building insanely powerful backlinks! I've wrote a few posts on here actually that were kind of inspired by him and his "larger than life" approach to Internet Marketing and SEO. Where all these other so called "SEO gurus" talk about SEO and make it sound complicated and boring. He has an approach that simplifies doing SEO and building backlinks in particular. I really liked his video back in the day about building insanely powerful backlinks.

Some of the post I've done that were partially inspired by his videos you might like to check out are;

How to Build Insanely Powerful High PR High Authority Web 2.0 Social Media Backlinks. ?
How to Build Insanely Powerful Forum Profile Backlinks from Forums.
How to Build Insanely Powerful Backlinks from Tumblr,

Here's one of his videos for anyone that hasn't heard of the guy before.

SEO For Dummies: How To Rank In Google

On another note, I've also posted about Link Collider before as well in my post, What can you tell me about LinkCollider? Social Media SEO Tool Site. ?

I was experimenting with that site for a while to earn social signals and web 2 posts and stuff with and a little traffic too. But it's not exactly high quality. What I figured out speaking honestly is that you can treat it like any like4like or addmefast type site where you can basically set up many different accounts and use different VPS's to run them on and then build up thousands of social signals to any URL you want. That takes some doing and it might even break their rules although it's a bit of a grey area though. But if I could do that, I bet my back teeth there's thousands of other people doing that too and all using dummy accounts so all the signals you earn drop in the end anyway or are just completely abandoned. That's no good since abandoned accounts don't generally engage with your content!

Although I've not done that much experimenting with it to that degree but it's still a very interesting site and can be put to use! A good Way to gain Some Backlinks


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When I first wrote this discussion I tried adding the video that is why my discussion was short because I added the YouTube video link into it but it never shows up in here when I post my posts. its weird as I tried adding the video about when he talks about building backlinks through forum backlinks .

So after I watched is videos I put some of it in action specially the pinterest one he did that is working for me am following niche members and so far on pinterest I have over 520 members so far. Still not sure why I cant add YouTube videos

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To add videos, don't use the video button in the RTE (Rich Text Editor) it doesn't work. All you need to do is wrap the actual YouTube video URL in video brackets.



And yeah, that's another thing I like about him in that the things he talks about can all be put into action and actually work if you do it like he says to do it. I really like his style of sharing stuff and you don't often see that in people. Most people are only doing it to get more followers/subscribers theirself. And he's doing it for that reason too I'd expect. But it's more for doing it as he knows how to and then passing that knowledge on. I wish there was more people like that in theworld today! A good Way to gain Some Backlinks

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Hiya mike for some reason it wont let me add YouTube videos to the discussions I did click on the youtube symbol and entered the link not sure why its not letting me put them in.

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It looks like backlinks are getting to be essential with SEO work. I understand that backlinks are important for the traffic that you get outside particularly from the searchers. We did a little experiment with backlinks and it seemed not to affect the ranking in the search list. But with the traffic, it gets a substantial number maybe because there were so many backlinks that we had posted.

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Backlinks are not only good for SEO but also for getting traffic. So that's how you should be thinking in that case. I have learned that most of the times backlinks are what makes the traffic and also builds the ranking on page. But often backlinks need to be good enough for this to work out.

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