A message for the Top sellers

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A message for the Top sellers

I had said it before in past forums, this is a great platform with lots of opportunity for all of us.

Also have mentioned, this market is highly dominated by the SEO experts. What I have seen and discussed, minimum number of orders a level 3 and above gets in a day is 35 plus/per day, and that’s a lot, I can only imagine that, if I get 5 a day it’s more than enough for me.

We can only imagine the user interaction taking place everyday, I think SEOclerks has given a lot to user that are really successful today, if not much than at least this platform. So, now it is time those users to return the favor, I know that it is because of the sellers SEOclerks is enjoying their revenue today.

But think about it, since this top sellers are so influential, they can form like separate community or any other platform,come together and discuss, how they promo this platform, I know lots of users already helping SEOclerks with promotion in different platforms. Both level 3 and above users are highly influential, they’ve lots of followers as well.

What I mean to say through this forum, is a message to those top sellers, to create a path and secure this resource for the upcoming future generations.


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Hi and well done on your success and also on future success. I may self am starting to make a name for my self on seoclerks. I do hope everyone is getting and hitting those success levels.

I do hope I can make sales on some of my other services as well as some not having much luck but I will remain positive and cross my fingers. I really enjoy earning on here and earning for something you enjoy doing is a bonus. Do hope your ok pal and have all the success in 2017 and in time to come.

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Nice post @OptimismSEO and I like what you've said about securing a place for future generations. I would love to see SEOClerks being utilized by our future generation. I'm talking about our kids, and our kids kids, their kids and so on. That would be really awesome to see. I hope by the time I'm 80 years old. If I ever make it to that age! I hope to see SEOClerks still running and being put to use by people who need freelance services of some kind. I'd expect there will still be a need for SEO then. As well as advertising and promotion (SMM/SMO etc). Although I'm sure it would have changed massively by then! But I'd expect and imagine there always to be a need for freelance type services where people need something done for them they can't or don't want to do on their own so employ a freelancer from here for it. That would be really awesome and it's exciting thinking about it! A message for the Top sellers

Good luck and good success to everyone that uses SEOClerks! Now and in the future when I'm 80! A message for the Top sellers

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Thank you @moneybags82 and @idealmike

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