Instagram trick of the day to gain followers.

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Instagram trick of the day to gain followers.

My daily Instagram trick to gain followers is actually pretty simple. A lot of people might do this Instagram trick already and not even know it, which is pretty awesome Instagram trick of the day to gain followers. This little trick will allow you gain followers and be even more powerful on Instagram than if you were to just keep posting images with content and hoping to pull in followers and traffic.

Let's get started, shall we.

Step 1: Make an Instagram Account
This is a pretty obvious thing that you would need, but some of us may not think of it lol. Your account will need to be very niche specific because people will see your username and want to click through to your profile because of it. If it's "JoeBob394038" it just looks spammy and no one will want to click through. If you're in the marketing niche, make a marketing name, possibly even your websites name.

Step 2: Go follow some specific profiles
You'll need to find the major companies in your niche and then follow them. You'll want to follow maybe 50 to 100 profiles in order for your profile to look more natural. No one wants to see a profile with 1,000's of followers that is not following anyone themselves, it just looks selfish and a little spammy. You'll just be starting out so don't expect a huge amount of followers too quickly.

Step 3: Spread some love
Go through everyone you followed, or as many as you can, and start liking their photos. This will notify them that you've liked their photo and they could potentially click through to your profile and return the favor by liking one of your photos. This is where the main part of the Instagram trick comes into play Instagram trick of the day to gain followers. The profiles that you've gone to and clicked the little heart button will come to yours and do the same, and they could even follow you to see what you post in the future. The beauty of this is that you aren't even following them but they followed you Instagram trick of the day to gain followers. You're not loading up your "followers" with pointless follows which could make your account look unpopular in the long run. Following 1,000,000 profiles may be a bad thing because people may see your as a "follower" and people always want to see a leader Instagram trick of the day to gain followers.

Step 4: Talk to people
This step will actually start at the beginning of your profile creation but might not start going into affect until you start doing step 3, that's why it's here at step 4. When someone comments on a picture of yours that you posted, be sure to open up your Instagram app and thank them for their comment or answer any questions they have. Be sure to do @username so they get notified about your response. If you just respond without tagging them they might not see your response and you lose momentum on that image.

Step 5: Stalk your newsfeed
This step should always be done after a few weeks of doing steps 2 and 3 because it won't have it's full affect until then. After you go around and like niche specific pictures you will notice that Instagram starts to populate your newsfeed with images similar to the ones you liked. This will allow you to not even have to search for new profiles to go and "picture like" in order to build your own follower base.

After a few months you should have a pretty targeted following and you'll notice that the amount of likes for each of your posts is starting to become more and more. I've done this method and after a week I had my likes per post go from 20 to 25 up to 150 to 175. That's a pretty big explosion for me just browsing Instagram while I'm going to the bathroom or killing time waiting for my lady to get ready for dinner lmao Instagram trick of the day to gain followers.

Expand on this technique if you can and let everyone know your experience. It works, and I'm sure you'll have fun with it.

  • Take your time.
  • Don't rush when following profiles.
  • Like niche related images.
  • Be sure to talk with anyone that comments on your photos.
  • Watch your newsfeed in order to like recommended images.

Hopefully this post helps someone out.

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A very much well written and helpful post. Thank you.

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Just want to say mate great post I found it very interesting and most the things you mentioned I already do on Instagram. It also works on Pinterest and Twitter I use the same tricks on Tumblr as well great way as well to get target niche followers and also traffic.
LazyAssStoner on YouTube as some good videos on tips like these and how to build mass backlinks fast with also reddit and forums so much do to and try thanks again for this post I do believe it will help other members.

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Thanks for the tips! It's always important to give back to people that you enjoy following, the same will happen to you inevitably. As long as you're a pleasant person to talk to people will follow you back for sure.

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Pardon me but I got a laugh with the first step. Of course, it is a given that you need to have an Instagram account. Anyway, kidding aside, I think getting followers is by following users. Especially if you are a follower of an influencer, you tend to get in contact with other followers that continuous reacting to the posts of that influencer can make you be known to his network. And when another would react on your post then you have to acknowledge and give it a positive message.

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Have a few questions about Instagram etiquette.

* There are a lot of people who are Liking my IG posts but not following me.
Is there are proper protocol for interacting with those people?
Should I simply go to their profile and return a Like?
Is it OK to not visit their profile?

* Then there are those Following but have not liked any of my posts.
Do I just follow back?

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