Error with sitemap.xml

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Error with sitemap.xml

So I did my wordpress site using the wp seoclerks theme and also added to google webmaster tools and tried adding sitemaps
and all get are errors normally I can do this sort of thing but it is really annoying me now lol.

Does anyone have any tips what I can do to make these sitemaps work or is there a plugin to help with this. I have yoast will have a look on there .
Another thing maybe off the topic but does wordpress auto ping sites. I did use to use ping o matic a lot not sure if they work any good tho pinging.


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Hmmm well what are the errors you're getting? As far as I was aware if you are using Yoast it comes with a sitemap with it and you can't use any other sitemap plugins with that plugin as they will have incompatibility errors. I like using Yoast for the SEO improvements it gives but I don't really like its sitemap layout and look. For that reason, I usually disable the sitemap in Yoast and I prefer to use the Google XML News Sitemap. I find it a much better looking and more detailed sitemap.

And yes, WordPress does auto ping on a new post being made.
You can find it in your Writing Settings page /wp-admin/options-writing.php
This auto pings which auto pings Google blog servers etc.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the response mate. Think I have sorted the issue now I just removed sitemaps and re configured through yoast and re submitted sitemaps and all seems well so far. Thank you for the reply Error with sitemap.xml

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Awesome! No problem what so ever. Error with sitemap.xml

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