Aliexpress vs. Alibaba which should you use for sourcing products.

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Aliexpress vs. Alibaba which should you use for sourcing products.

A lot of us have wondered about the whole Aliexpress vs. Alibaba situation and which would be best to use and why. Well I've used both and I'm here to shed some light on which you should use for certain situations and why.

I've been lurking around both Aliexpress and Alibaba for a while now because I've been slowly cracking into the ecommerce market and I didn't want to push someone elses product. I wanted my own product so obviously I had to figure out what was the best thing to sell and why. I did countless hours of keyword and niche research in order to figure out exactly what I wanted to sell and sometimes it flopped while other times it worked pretty well. Right now I'm actually setting up my own product and I sourced items from both Aliexpress and Alibaba because I couldn't get a certain thing on Alibaba so I had to go through Aliexpress.

Now then, let's compare the two websites.

What's all about?
Alilbaba has been around for a while but not many people know about it because it's mainly for China and other countries overseas. Alibaba is a huge marketplace that has big manufacturers listing all their items for sale. Some of these companies have over 20,000 items listed and it would take a while to search through all of them if you had a reason to. Alibaba has an MOQ (minimum order quantity) in place that is set by the manufacturer and sometimes you can find items for 1 MOQ or as high as a few thousand MOQ. The one downside to this is that a manufacturer could list their item at 1 MOQ but when you begin talking to them they say it's really an MOQ or 100, 500, 800, etc. which is pretty shady.

Alibaba is a great place to buy from because you can get some insane discounts on items. I was recently looking at some security cameras on Amazon for $50 a piece and then I went over to Alibaba and saw them for $10 a piece, but I had to buy 100 at a time. It's a great system if you plan on purchasing in bulk but not good if you just need one item.

What's Aliexpress all about?
Aliexpress is a sister site to and it focuses on the single item sale. There's not MOQ on the items but you will have to spend a little more per item on Aliexpress than you would on Alibaba. On Alibaba you'd have to purchase 100 of the items costing you more in the long run, which is why a lot of non business people like purchasing from Aliexpress.

I actually prefer to purchase items off of Aliexpress rather than Amazon or Ebay because the prices tend to be lower which saves me a good amount of money. People will argue "Well if you buy from them you're just getting cheap sh*t!" but that's not true at all lmao. Look through your house, how much of your stuff says "Made in China"? I'm sure there's a fair amount of stuff you'll be able to tally up and then you'll be putting your own foot in your mouth. Sure there are some things on there that aren't worth buying because they're of low quality, but you can do some simple due dilligence and figure out if it's worth buying or not. They have a similar review system to here on where the previous buyers are asked to leave a product review after they've used the item they purchased. Most of the buyers gladly leave a review making it easier for you to make your purchasing decision.

What's the downside of these two websites?
Well there's always a downside to everything and that's why I'm posting this. The main downside of is that there are resellers who find the manufacturer on the website and then they sell the same thing but marked up in price. So something you could get for $5 per piece at 100 MOQ would cost your $7 per piece at 100 MOQ from the reseller. You'll have to go through all the sellers and filter out the resellers when you do find them. The lowest price on doesn't mean it's the cheapest quality, it simply means that you've probably found the manufacturer.

The downside of Aliexpress is that you can't always find the same items from Alibaba. This is the main reason I had to go to both Alilbaba and Aliexpress to source items to build my product. It takes a bit of time filtering out the resellers and then getting all of your ducks in a row to be able to build your own product, but it's worth it.

  1. Take your time
  2. Filter out the resellers
  3. Make some money

I hope this helps someone out!

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Nice, worth for ongoing e-commerce sites to plan their catalogue.

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I have never outsourced products from Aliexpress or Alibaba, however, I have checked both of these websites. As far as I know both of these companies are owned by the same Chinese business group. Since Alibaba group, the owner of Alibaba, also owns Aliexpress, these two companies are more or less same. These two companies are ebay of China. If you trust Chinese products, you can outsource with these companies. However, before you finalize the deal, make sure you read the terms and conditions. They are notorious for charging extra.

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Great article! I have heard great reviews on why Aliexpress is better than Alibaba. Drop shipping is one avenue I would like to try this year. There are great products on these two sites. If you can find the market and link the two, then you are in businessAliexpress vs. Alibaba which should you use for sourcing products.

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This is the first time that I’ve heard of Aliexpress. I have a writer friend who is into drop shipping. She used to purchase some products from Alibaba and from what I understand, her experience with Alibaba is good. However, she told me that you should be cautious when buying from Alibaba because there are vendors there who are selling fake items and there is also the probability that there are scammers.

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I've been buying a lot of things from Alibaba in the past but it was a bit hard to look for single item suppliers because they usually sell in bulk. But when Alibaba created AliExpress I was elated because it's where I can buy single items.

its common knowledge that most of the products being sold in both Amazon and eBay comes from Alibaba where prices is just a fraction of what they are selling in Amazon and eBay. That's why sellers source out their items in Alibaba and post it for with a good profit margin from 100-300 percent on other international online market places.

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