Bring back the good old days

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Bring back the good old days

That is what I say just bring back the good old days. I use to remember on Sundays use to watch knight rider on the television, also airwolf the a team the list goes on . And, I would always use my imagination when playing in the garden or maybe just me who did that; lol. Well you get the idea, when we was kids they had great stuff on television these days there's not much good on these days .

I even remember watching Mork and Mindy LOL mork calling orson ... who remembers that and who agree's am not saying everything on tv these days is bad there are some good stuff like The walking dead but back in the days was such a great time and am only 34 now lol


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OMG Airwolf! That was like my favorite TV show back in the 80's! The A-team was good as well, that and that one with the motorbike. Street Hawk. If you remember it? It never done as well as the rest but I remember it. Airwolf was definitely my favorite though. And yeah of course I remember Mork and Mindy and Diff'rent Strokes. And The Cosby Show, Cheers, ALF, The Fresh Prince, The Wonder Years, Knight Rider, Roseanne, MacGyver, Quantum Leap, Saved by the Bell, amongst some that I remember from back then lol Bring back the good old days

And what happened to those shows? These days TV shows are very self centred. It's all Made in Chelsea, The Only Way is Essex, Release the Dogs, Top Gear, The Great British Bakeoff, Coronation Street, yadda yadda sigh. These shows just don't have that classic magic the old ones used to have you know?

And on that note, I'm a have to leave you with this Airwolf video for all of those that don't know what it is! Bring back the good old days

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Yeah remember all of those you mentioned. Wonder years so remember that it brings it back the good old times on a school night lol.
My best one was knight rider, The newer version just isn't the same .

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I remember Mork and Mindy! My Mum used to watch that show a lot when I was a kid, was such a great show.

I agree with you though moneybags, things are not like they used to be, I remember sitting down on a Saturday morning and watching children's television and I used to love it and then heading outside to play with my friends either football, climbing tree's or just using our imagination. Shows on an evening were amazing too, we had gladiators, Noel Edmon's House Party, wow! So many to mention and nowadays you get nothing like that and it's a shame. Even children's television on a Saturday morning now has been swapped for cooking shows and news programmes which I think is a shame. What I would give to see the good ol' days again, would be amazing!

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it always good to reminiscence on the good old days it brings back good memories like you just want to go back in time to continue from where you stopped.

it can be so exciting to remember old stuff and look forward to repeating it someday if ever one will have time for it.

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Sometimes I dream about going back in the time to the good old days. Time used to be still and things are just not the same anymore. It was a more simpler world, but I am also grateful of my life right now and the opportunities we have now that we didn't before.

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I wish I could just travel back in time. I really miss those amazing old days where everything was just simple and we had really interesting TV programs that brought families together. Nothing can replace the time I spent with my family simply watching and enjoying these shows. My friend has a 4 year old brother and his idea of TV programs are the random YouTube videos that he sees on the internet by himself and even the cartoons are an absolute mess these days. Whatever happened to raw fun, imagination and creativity!

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The old days will always seem better than now. We have more now and fewer connections with people. I miss the unity of the family, it's not the same. Now people would rather drop a message on Facebook instead of meeting up. Things were simpler, but perhaps we were happier.

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Those days are gone my friend, and it will never come back. I am 40 years and I know what I am talking. I used to watch Airwolf too, and XFiles, Twin Peaks and much more. We cannot turn back the time but we can enjoy the time we have now!

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You've brought memories unto me and I just realized how time flies. Yes, I do remember the Sunday evenings when there was only one television station in my home country and thus we had no option than to watch the news, after the news comes a political talk show called Agenda and lastly the main TV programme which kept us awake till after 9pm "The Akan Drama". Those days were so sweet and memorable.

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You are only 34 but your reminiscing is like you are my contemporary. Maybe you had a good recollection of those tv shows because of the good memories they bring you. It's really nice to recall the so called good old days when we were young and carefree. I am 54 now but I still remember our good old Motorola tv that was the center of attention in our home.

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I would hate to go back to the 'good old days' as you call them. The advantages of being a child are many, like less worry. However I prefer being an adult because you have control over your own life. You can literally live the life that you want to live. You can live out your child hood dreams. As children I remember we used to fight to watch TV. Because of school our viewing used to be absolutely limited. I definitely don't want to go back to these days.

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