SEO Gurus and why you should avoid them.

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SEO Gurus and why you should avoid them.

Whenever I'm on facebook or on a popular online marketing forum I always see people pushing their own products claiming that they are not like the rest and are cutting edge. This is complete bullsh*t and the people pushing these next gen systems are just pushing rehashed stuff that has worked for the last year. They just want to make a few bucks off of you before you realize that you're overpaying for something you could have gotten here on lol.

Today I was on facebook and I saw a guy talking about how he has cracked the Google algorithm and is selling his course for $49.95 a week. In my head I'm thinking "If he did actually crack the Google algorithm then why the hell is he selling the secret for $49 a week?" then I think "He's a moron and just praying on the weak minded who want to make millions online". Now we all know that if someone actually were to crack the Google algorithm they wouldn't be selling it for $49 a week. Why? Because they would be making millions each day by setting up websites, or buying them, then using their new found knowledge to rank extremely high for very difficult to rank for keywords. They would be getting so much traffic, clicks, sales, etc. that they wouldn't have time to post on facebook saying they cracked the algorithm lol SEO Gurus and why you should avoid them.

One of the popular marketing forums online today has loads of these "gurus" and I honestly hate logging into it. The only reason I do post on that forum is because they do get a good amount of traffic and I'm in the business to make money through my websites. So by not posting on that forum I'm essentially being a moron by not wanting to make money lol. I won't name the forum, but it has a red/black/gray color scheme and rymes with PorriorCorum lol SEO Gurus and why you should avoid them. The forum itself is pretty great, but the amount of people pushing their own services and claiming they know everything is mind boggling. I've never pushed my own services at the weak minded because I don't need to, I have corporations hiring my company for work because we have a great track record. Do I consider myself a "Guru"? Not at all because there is always someone out there that knows more than I do. To be considered an "Online Marketing Guru" I would think that you need to know everything there is to do with a website from building it yourself to marketing it in order to obtain traffic and then getting that traffic to end in a sale. There are a lot of people that can get a website up and running and get some traffic, like myself, but that doesn't make them a "Guru".

In the end, you should usually avoid anyone that is a "Guru" because they will never give you the keys to success because if they did, they would be out of work. They NEED YOUUUUU to keep coming back for more so they can keep paying their bills. It's a sad thing to see, and it happens all the damn time SEO Gurus and why you should avoid them.

Hopefully this post will help someone in the long run.

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Before buying a service or a product, you better find out and investigate about the seller.
And always keep proof, like chat records, his messages , pics or videos he sent etc.
But there may be good and honest GURU'S, so don't think everyone is bad.
There may be cheaters , but you should be smart enough to avoid them.....

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If you someone in Facebook or anywhere that promises unbelievable profit by selling get rich quick systems and gimmicks or even anyone using the word "system" well it's all fake. Again anyone on the Net selling any kind of money making System is Fraud. So stay clear from these crazy people.

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We have a saying here that when an offer is too good to be true then you can assume that it is not true. Cracking the algorithm of Google? That’s one big lie huh. And I agree that if indeed it was true then why sell it for such a small amount. Some guys just don’t see the logic in their advertisement that even if their statements are out of line, they think people will fall for it. Clearly said, those guys think we are stupid.

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