I really want to start YouTube Service

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I really want to start YouTube Service

Well I have a few YouTube services which are pretty good no one got one off me yet. That is the thing with some new services you start because its new and have no ratings or buyers people seem to just go to the top sellers. Anyway I want to start Youtube views and likes service before I did this and they got deleted . Am using a very popular smm panel which I have tested on few of my sites and works great.

So think I will message support first and ask them because don't wanna spend my time making great service and putting in detail and then gets deleted lol. As anyone else tried this and got deleted . I understand with the facebook , but youtube is abit popular on seoclerks. I just want to make a name for my self on here and get some good costumers.

Think so far I have 3 different YouTube services on my seoclerks which I made. Like promote channel for a year on my social exchange site which is getting popular by the day I only just got it the other week and paid licence and new hosting with domain and works a treat.


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Hi - sometimes it's a really little thing that will get your Youtube service deleted. For instance, use of a copyright Youtube logo. And, I know from the seller's point of view that it just makes more sense to use a logo so your buyers will know what site you are selling services for. But from a legal point of view, we don't allow logo use.

For instance on your service here (which is suspended now)

You should just be able to edit the logo out and republish that.

Also, saying things like 'I will promote you on my own Facebook group' is not allowed, since Facebook asked us to take down all Facebook related services.

If you have any problems keeping your services up, just send a ticket to the support desk and they will work it out for you. Most times,the support staff can tell you the exact reason a service was removed and what you can do to have it restored, if eligible - for instance, removing a copyright logo, improving the description; removing disallowed words, etc.

Hope some of that info helps you out.

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What are the services you are offering for Youtube channels aside from promoting it to social exchange sites? We are trying to get more subscribers to your Youtube channel which has just a little over 300 subscribers and the minimum number to be qualified for monetization in Adsense is 1,000. You see that we still have a long way to go that is the reason why I am contemplating to hire a service for that purpose.

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YouTube deletes a lot of stuff nowadays. It's connected not only with the copyright laws, but also with the content for kids. In one of the interviews, a project manager and Ph.D. of Brigham Young University and achieveessays blogger Neil Stevenson mentioned a situation when his videos were deleted after a day or two. He created a specific content for kids with disabilities. But yes, he used an unpopular method.

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